Do you know that you tend to attract the opposite sex when you smell awesome? Where on one hand good body odor makes you desirable in the meetings, bad odor crushes your self esteem and it is a critical problem as well.

Given here are 10 miraculous tips that kill your awful body smell and make you feel confident about you this summer.

What Causes Body Odor?

It is the result of heavy perspiration simply. Odor is produced when sweat produced by the glands comes in touch with skin. Once the sweat reaches the skin where bacteria live it begins to smell horribly. Sweat does not have any odor of its own. Although body smell does not manifest any particular health issue but it affects the entire social life of the victim.

People who sweat normally are more likely to fall victim than those who sweat profusely because the smell causing bacteria tends to get washed away in the sweat.

If you do not keep good hygiene, you tend to suffer. Here are a few considerations for body odor treatment.

Make Use of Antibacterial Soap And Dry The Area Thoroughly:

Make use of a good antibacterial soap. These soaps are formulated with the ingredients that kill the bacteria of your skin. Also, once you have taken the shower you need to dry yourself thoroughly.             

Try to keep the areas thoroughly dry where you sweat profusely. If your skin is dry, bacteria would not be able to breed on it.

Say No To Offensive Foods:

Your body odor is affected by what you eat. You should never use the foods that can make you sweat more. Avoid eating foods like garlic; onions etc. that can make you sweat. Drinks like alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided. Sulfur containing compounds like onion and garlic permeate your skin pores and cause body odor.

Shave Your Body Hair:

If you can get rid of excess hair of your body, you can control the perspiration of your body. Make use of tea tree extract and witch hazel that target the odor causing bacteria.

Wear Loose Clothes:

If you wear tight clothes you tend to suffer more. When this sweat gets mixed with the bacteria on your skin, it results in body odor. Tight clothes also trap sweat more easily and hence not recommended. Also make use of daily body wash and daily body scrub to keep your body thoroughly clean.

Take More of Magnesium and Zinc:

These two minerals are known for fighting the odor of your body. Either takes a diet enriched with zinc and magnesium like pumpkin seeds, yogurt, almonds, spinach etc.

Make Use Of Natural Fabrics:

Make it a point to make use of cotton and linen. These two materials are known to fight the body much better than the man-made fabrics. Natural fibers are cooler to touch and allow a much better circulation of air. So, wear cotton instead of Nylon or polyester.

Remove The Dead Skin of Your Cells Frequently:

Keep on removing the dead skin of your body frequently. Make use of loofah and scrub the body daily to remove the dead cells and to rejuvenate it.

The smell of sweat that you produce depends on the quantity of sweat you secrete. So, keep your underarm and groin area absolutely clean. Needless to say, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Clean the groin area and underarms with an anti-bacterial soap that can kill bad odor producing bacteria. Following hygienic habits like keeping your socks absolutely clean, taking more time under the shower and keeping the private parts clean will be of great help.