This summer do not let the sweltering heat play spoilsport to your sex life. Yes! You got it correct…summer, sweating and heat waves can never hamper your pleasurable moments if you know how to do it. Do you know that psychologists are of the belief that heat relaxes your muscles and heightens the sensation of your skin?

This is the reason why you need to indulge more of sex and spice up your sex life. Given here are the 7 tips that would guide you through.

Make It Pre-Shower:

7 Sure-shot Ways To Make Sex Enjoyable In Summer 1

Most of the people think that bathing is a ritual after sex. Break this myth and try having shower with your beloved including a lot of foreplay beforehand and notice the difference yourself. Cuddle and caress each other bodies under the shower. Smooching as a prelude to the love-making under shower can take you to the seventh heaven. It would also make the activity to be followed much more enjoyable.

Massage Body With Ice Cubes:

7 Sure-shot Ways To Make Sex Enjoyable In Summer 2

Keep a can full of ice cubes or crushed ice with you. Use it as a weapon to arouse your partner. Massage the armpits, inner ends of thighs and behind the ear lobes. These are the erotic zones where most of the nerves end. Place an ice cube or a spoonful of crushed ice insider her vaginal fold and take that ice cube off using your tongue. Similarly, female partner rubbing the ice over male genitals would make it enjoyable to him also.

Get It All Wet:

Turn off the lights, take shower with your undergarments on and then without drying yourself jump into the bed, pull your partner, hugs her womanly curves, massage her thighs, her cleavage and make her go wild before you actually indulge in the act. Make sure that you are only scarcely dressed to keep the curiosity on.

Make Yourself Sweat:

7 Sure-shot Ways To Make Sex Enjoyable In Summer 3

You need to sweat, turn off your Ac’s and fans make yourself sweat. Do you know why? Sweat has seductive power. Not only this when males begin to perspire male sex hormone called pheromones begin to secrete. The brain notices its scent and the sexual urge automatically arises. If you want to go wild during the prelude session just turn off your clothes and be in the grip of heat so that you sweat reasonably well before the actual act.

Make Your Mouth Refreshingly Cold:

7 Sure-shot Ways To Make Sex Enjoyable In Summer 4

How about making your mouth refreshingly cold, may be chewing some mint leaves and an ice cube and when you smooch him the shock waves would be sent right down his spine. Take his hands to the curves and curls of your body and start dancing to a romantic tune. Make your bodies slide over each other like snakes do. This will automatically start the prelude.

Popsicle Of Your Choice Will Help:

Ask the choice of your partner. Ask the flavor your partner craves for and then let the Popsicle of your partner choice take the lead. Eat that Popsicle and ask your beloved to rub the same over your erotic body parts. The smell of this would put the sensation on. Licking over the body would get both of you on and the moments that follow thereafter would be utterly pleasurable.

Give Each Other Peppermint Oil Massage:

7 Sure-shot Ways To Make Sex Enjoyable In Summer 5

Peppermint oil cools your body and massaging makes your nerves & muscles relax. Caressing with the cooling and refreshing oil can be a real turn on. So, give your partner a gentle massage, rubbing all the erotic zones so that it can simply be the great.

Things You Need To Take Care While Having Sex in Summer

  • Yes, it is true that summer is the best time for this pleasurable act. Using the above given tips you can make sex thoroughly enjoyable but take care to keep yourself adequately hydrated. If you are a fond of a wild sex and sweat rigorously during the intercourse do not let your body get deprived of water and the electrolytes. Take ice tea or cold water in an adequate amount.
  • If you are doing it in a bath tub or in a swimming pool do not forget to use a silicone lube.