Useful Tips to Follow for Sex During Periods

Useful Tips to Follow for Sex During Periods

You  are apprehensive about it and think twice about indulging in it during that 4-5 days. Yes! I am talking about having sex during periods. But, since your libido increases during the menstrual cycle you feel the urge. What should you do then? To do it or not to for precautionary sake is the question.

Of course! Yes. You do not have to deprive yourself from the fun attached to it during menstrual cycles. Since your vagina is sensitive during periods you tend to get easier and better orgasms. But, wait follow these tips before jumping into bed with your partner during periods.


  • Do not go crazy on the very first day. Indulging in sex on the very first day may prove to be risky. Your vagina remains filled with blood and pressure on the first day means things becoming messy.


  • If you think that things would get messy and if you feel any odor emanating from the genitals that can hamper your sexual pleasure you can make use of a condom. Some people use a strongly flavored condom to do away with the awful smell of blood.


  • Keep your genitals clean. To take a shower beforehand is the best idea. It will make you smell fresh and relax your muscles. Wash off your genitals thoroughly (preferably with cold water). If you want a better experience, make sure that your genitals smell good and fresh.


  • Discuss the positions with your partner. The sitting positions with shallower thrusts are always better. Also remember that there is nothing bad about cunnilingus while you are bleeding. There is nothing to be scared about it as such. This can be performed safely between the two consensual partners. Even oral sex during this time does not harm and can be made innovative.


  • Shower sex is an excellent idea while you are menstruating. You can get hot and steamy along with your partner and during your periods you are naturally wet, so you tend to be sensuous. Plus, you can prevent the things from turning mess on the bed.


  • You can also consider using a sponge that is easily available at any pharmacy shop. This sponge can be inserted in the vagina to absorb the menstrual flow. This synthetic piece of sponge can be rinsed well after you are through and can be used further.

Sex during the periods can be made ultra pleasurable and you do not have to worry about the things becoming risky or a possible mess around you. Just remember, during periods you do not have to indulge in much foreplay as her sexual urge is normally higher. You just need to assure her that you do not mind it, will do it safely and make it the best possible experience for her.

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