Everybody should have at least good oral hygiene since it is very important to keep good health of your teeth and mouth. It might seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but, oral hygiene is definitely important and therefore, it should be on an acceptable level at least.

Now, let’s see exactly which seven health problems can be caused by poor oral hygiene and poor oral health in general.

Top 7 Problems Caused by Poor Oral Health

There are many health problems that you can cause with the poor oral hygiene. Some of them are not that serious, but, some of them are definitely not to be taken as a joke. Let’s see.

1) Diabetes

As we all know, diabetes is a very serious health problem that can lead even to death. Now, how can you exactly cause this type of problem with poor oral health? Well, if you don’t take care of the gums and their hygiene, they can get infected. This leads to the periodontal disease which can later grow into diabetes which is definitely harder to control.

This happens because the gums can lead to higher blood sugar which is the number one cause of diabetes. Simply, anyone with poor oral health is at great risk of getting diabetes. Therefore, properly maintaining the oral health is important to avoid serious health problem. 

2) Infertility of woman

Most of the people actually don’t know exactly that there is a connection between infertility and bad oral health. Well, infected gums can lean to the many other health problems and issues that will definitely make it more difficult for a woman to have a baby or contain a healthy pregnancy. It is scientifically proven that woman with poor oral hygiene takes a lot more time to get pregnant.

3) Cancer

Sometimes it is obvious that a poor oral health caused by smoking or any other tobacco product can lead to an oral or throat cancer. It doesn’t stop here, other types of cancer are caused by a poor oral hygiene as well such as kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.

4) Respiratory infections and diseases

It is known that a respiratory system can get quite damaged because of the poor dental health. This happens because the bacteria in the mouth that is caused by infected gums or teeth, can be breathed in the lungs and therefore, travel directly into the bloodstream. Since the bacteria can cause quite a lot of problems and issues with health, it is recommendable to keep your dental health at maximum level.

5) Erectile dysfunction

Having a poor dental hygiene and bad oral health can lead to a dramatic problem of erectile dysfunction. How can this happen? The bacteria from infected teeth can find its way into a bloodstream and that can cause the blood vessels to get inflamed which block the flow of blood to the genitals and therefore, erection is difficult to get or even impossible.

6) Kidney disease

As we all know, chronic kidney disease is very serious issue and a very hard problem to get rid of. This will not only affect the kidneys, but also, the heart, bones, blood pressure, and lots of other things. Now, most of the people with infested gems disease are suffering from a weaker immune system. Because of that, kidneys are exposed to other problems and there is no way of stopping them to get infected.

Anyhow, kidney disease sure can be fatal if it spreads to the cardiovascular disease or kidney failure. Therefore, don’t risk your health and your life by avoiding to do some brushing and flossing twice a day.

7) Dementia

The dementia is a very serious health problem that can be caused by poor oral health for sure. Now, the bacteria and substances that are released from infected gums or teeth are capable of killing some of the brain cells which will lead to memory loss. This can also lead to Alzheimer’s disease if you don’t take it seriously as you should.

However, most of the people don’t get this type of health problem caused by poor dental health, but that isn’t the reason not to be worried. This can happen to almost anyone who is not taking care of their teeth and mouth properly.


Having bad oral health is definitely something that needs to be corrected and dealt with. Simply, as we saw above, most of the people can get in really bad health conditions if they avoid brushing and flossing every day. All of these health problems that are caused by poor dental hygiene are to be taken seriously since they can really cause lots of pain and can even be fatal.

Make sure to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and in order since that is the way of keeping your dental hygiene in the best possible way.