How to Fix These Symptoms of Stress That are Secretly Harming Your Health? 1

You are affected and you do not know and people around you begin to feel it in your behavior. Yes! Stress is a mental ailment and the symptoms of stress are on physical, emotional, behavioral and mental level. When you begin to show these signs there is a reason for you to be alarmed. 

Check out whether you show any, some or all of these symptoms of stress.

Why there is An Urgent Need to Keep Stress at Bay?

When you are under the influence of stress your body gets responsive and starts secreting hormones like adrenaline and Cortisol. Long term stress can have direct effects on your skin like rashes , hives, dermatitis or ulcer, bowel syndrome, colitis, insomnia or degenerative neurological ailments like Parkinson’s disease and sometimes even to the death.


You Indulge in Meaningless Activities:

If you indulge in the activities that do not make any sense or that are not of your interest for hours you are under the influence of stress. For instance, if you watch a Television program for hours or play video games that you do not like you are under stress.

You are Sleep Deprived:

How to Fix These Symptoms of Stress That are Secretly Harming Your Health? 2

[wp_ad_camp_1]Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of stress. You have a hard time sleeping for hours even if you are tired. Something or other continuously goes inside your brain and as a result of which you cannot sleep or can hardly sleep.

You Develop Nervous Habits:

How to Fix These Symptoms of Stress That are Secretly Harming Your Health? 3

You begin to feel restless and it begins to show in your habits. For example, you either begin to twirl your hair constantly, bite your nails, move your legs. 

You Feel Urgent Need of Tranquilizers:

This is one of the commonest behavioral symptoms. The recreational use of cigarettes, alcohol will become a norm for you. These tranquilizers give only a short-term or temporary respite and its physical after effects can be disastrous.

You Eat Either Too Less or Too Much:

You either have a complete loss of appetite or begin to eat too much. There is an eating disorder and you lose interest even on those food items which you are inclined to eating.

How to Fix These Symptoms of Stress That are Secretly Harming Your Health? 4

You Prefer Isolation:

You remain generally cut off from the social circles, do not like laughing, get-together and enjoyment like dancing begins to make little sense to you. When you begin to feel safe and secure in isolation, talk to yourself and indulge in thousand of thoughts you are under stress.

You have Low Sex Drive:

You begin to lose confidence and least interest in dating, going out, mating etc. You will have a lack of sex drive and which remain cynic about things. Impatience, loss of temper and inability to make decisions are all signs that indicate you are stressed. You may even suffer from erectile dysfunction.

You Have Constant Headache or Migraine:


You may take this as a symptom of physical problem but this can be attributed to prolonged stress also. You suffer from sustained discomfort and pain over a prolonged period of time effecting one side of your head.

There can be many other symptoms of stress like cynicism, changing behavior patterns, upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain and a lot more.

Stress can harm your physical and mental health to a great extent. In some extreme cases it leads to suicides and in others to deaths.


How to Fix These Symptoms of Stress That are Secretly Harming Your Health? 5

Prevention is better than cure they say. Before you begin to show the symptoms of stress take care of the following pointers on how to remain happy & stress free

  • Need not be over ambitious, if you want to achieve something, start working for it strategically. If you fail accept it as your destiny and give it a try next time.
  • Keep in mind that you will grow slowly and gradually. You can join the forums and discuss your problems with experts.
  • Meditation is the key to remain calm and relaxed.
  • Take short breaks from work. Go for relaxation techniques and indulge in yoga.
  • Eat healthy and incorporate exercise in your daily routine.[wp_ad_camp_1]

Stress can wreak an absolute havoc on your health leading to Asthma, Arthritis, Heart problems and skin conditions. If you show symptoms of stress start meditating and try out stress busters. 

Grow smarter and sharper with these tips.