Natural Home Remedies That Work Wonders to Cure Baldness!

Natural Home Remedies That Work Wonders to Cure Baldness!

Baldness becomes a common phenomenon once males begin to age. Hair transplantation is ultra-expensive and only a few can afford it for rest of the people there are certain natural remedies that work wonders. Let us have a quick look. These old home remedies have been passed down as they are pretty effective and give sure-shot results.

• Wakeme or Hijiki seaweed is a preventive measure that protects baldness.
• Boil a cup of mustard oil with at least 3-4 tablespoons of heena leaves to make a liquid solution and massage this solution into all the balding areas on a regular basis.
• There is a weird but an effective tip to cure baldness. Rub a piece of fresh onion on all the bald areas till the hair-scalp becomes red and then apply honey to the red area.
• There is another popular balding remedy and that is to massage coconut oil into the hair-scalp and in the area that is turning bald.
• Vitamin B complex, vitamin E, copper, insitol and Vitamin C promote your hair growth and should be taken daily.
• Shampooing with yellow herbal tea helps a lot. It opens the pores and stimulates hair-growth.
• Make a blend of ground black pepper and lime seeds and apply this paste on all the bald areas of your hair-scalp.
• Wash your hair with cold water and rub the scalp gently with fingertips.
• Boil amla (gooseberries) in coconut oil to prepare a hair tonic and then apply this to the bald areas.
• Apply olive oil to the bald areas before you go to bed and leave it overnight.
• Taking black rootabega is another effective folk remedy that has an excellent success rate. You can create a paste by shredding it and applying it on the scalp of your skin. Put the moosh with the juice and apply it

Above all, a lot depends on the diet you take. Incorporate Vimatin B, spinach and a lot of green leafy veggies rich in iron to overcome the problem of baldness.

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