Natural and Safe Ways to Terminate Early Pregnancy

Natural and Safe Ways to Terminate Early Pregnancy

What if your pleasurable moments become a real shock for you? What if you could not control the passion and gave up to the temptation because of which you have an unplanned pregnancy? Do not worry!

You can avoid this embarrassing situation when you know how to terminate early pregnancy.

There are certain foods that induce natural abortion. But, they can be tried only till the first trimester after that they become ineffective.

Massage of Primrose Oil on the Cervix:

Like primrose there are certain oils which are massaged on the cervix during early pregnancy to abort. The oil can also be consumed. This works as a contraceptive.

Food That Initiate Natural Abortion:

Take Lemons and Oranges During Ovulation:

These are extremely rich in Vitamin C and work as a natural contraceptive.

Try consuming these during the ovulation process till the time when you expect monthly menstrual cycles.

Papain of Papaya Helps in Miscarriage:

Ripe papaya contain papain, which leads to miscarriage. So, eating ripe papaya is very helpful in miscarriage as it induces timely menstrual cycles.

Fried Sesame Seeds on Empty Stomach:

Take fried sesame seeds with a teaspoonful of honey. This leads to miscarriage, but make sure to have it on an empty stomach.[wp_ad_camp_2]

Canned Fishes:

These fishes have preservatives like saline and they are laden with chemicals that increase the blood pressure of the pregnant ladies and lead to the retention of water which in turn causes abortion.

Parsley Tea With Vitamin C Supplement:

It can be prepared at home by boiling parsley in water. So, you should steep parsley for 15-20 minutes and strain the liquid.
Sipping two to three teaspoonfuls of this herbal tea for a couple of times will cause a natural abortion as it is an abortifacient.

An Important Pointer:

These foods are helpful in terminating early pregnancy successfully. But, still if you cannot get success, you need not disheartened. There are other safe and tested methods that can do the needful for you.

  • Indulge in climbing stairs rigorously.
  • Try doing strenuous physical exercises.
  • Lifting heavy objects at the initial stages.
  • Rigorous massage over the abdomen
  • Drinking carrot seed juice. It is a natural abortifacient.
  • Angelica is a well-known uterine stimulant. It helps in contracting the uterus and therefore the contents there are expelled.[wp_ad_camp_1]
  • Angelica/ Dong Quai is a uterine stimulant. It helps to contract the uterus, thus helping the contents to be expelled.

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