Interesting Facts About Fruits That You Would Love To Know 1

You know they would keep you healthy, give you great skin, fight the signs of aging and boost your over-all health. You know that they are the store house of antioxidants, important vitamins and minerals but what you do not know about fruits is the right time to have them.

You are apprehensive about the benefits of eating fruits on empty stomach and go to the extent of having them along or after your meals.

Sorry to say, but when you eat fruits along or after meals, you are doing no good to your health. This is so because your body uses a different set of enzymes to process carbs/proteins in meals and when fruits are eaten with or after meals the stomach becomes grossly unable to process the nutrients of fruits. Nutrients do not get absorbed in the small and large intestine and pass out unabsorbed from your system. So, what is the right time to eat fruits? What fruits give you the maximum benefits and what fruits should you eat for weight loss? Stop having fruits without having proper knowledge.

When Should You Consume Fruits To Get The Maximum Benefit?

Interesting Facts About Fruits That You Would Love To Know 2


This is so because your digestive system focuses on digesting fruits only. The secretion of right enzymes makes it a quick process and you get the whole goodness of fruits. All the nutrients, fibers and the simple sugars of the fruits get processed well in your body and you reap the optimum benefit.


Give a time-gap of at least 30 minutes after the meal. If you suffer from acidity, diabetes or have any such digestive ailment the right time to have fruits is after one or two hours of your meals.


Interesting Facts About Fruits That You Would Love To Know 3

If you eat fruits just before the work-outs your body could use the sugars of those fruits during workouts and after the workouts. You need to snack on some fresh fruits before you go for sports. Try having the fruits that are high in natural sugars. The more indulgent you are into physical activities, the better ability your body would have to transport sugar throughout your body keeping you energetic.

Having fruits just after the workouts revives the lost energy level.

Depending On Season:

Both Chinese and Ayurvedic dietary and medical system profess the need of eating fruits according to the season. Ripening fruits should be eaten in the summer and spring time. Ayurveda says that you should be at a low fat diet during the spring season. In the summer season raw and fruits high in sugars can be taken.


There are certain rules about eating fruits. If you want the most of it you need to follow those rules. Mixing fruits with ice-creams, custards and other proteins and junk foods should be avoided. But as per the finding of The Guelph Food Research Center combining berries with legumes enhances the antioxidant properties of berries. Also, combining citrus fruits like lemon with rice enables better absorption of iron by our body.

Not After Sunset:

Not only fruits all the raw food should be strictly avoided after sun set. This is so because energy of the Sun aids in the digestion process. Eating raw food after sun set means letting your digestive track toil hard which leads to indigestion in turn.

Also, never try to eat fruits just before you are going to bed or 3 hours in before the bedtime. This surges the sugar level of the blood and makes it hard for you to sleep.

When You Are Trying To Lose Weight:

Certain fruits that are high in sugars like banana, mangoes and figs are to be avoided when you are on a weight loss regime.

Eating at least 5 portions of veggies and fruits a day enables you to remain disease free. Being high in fiber and natural sugars, fruits keep you satiated and considered to be healthy snacks that should be taken between the meals. You can get the maximum benefits of eating fruits on empty stomach.

Fun Facts About Fruits That You Do Not Know

  • Interesting Facts About Fruits That You Would Love To Know 4
  • Think twice before buying apples from any United States store because they can be up to one year old.
  • Try putting grapes in a microwave to see them exploding.
  • Strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.
  • Do you know the other members of Rose family? Peaches, Apples and Raspberries.
  • Watermelons grown in Japan are not round but square in shape for easy storage.
  • Banana is slightly radioactive.
  • Do not think that coffee beans are beans they are not. They are fruit pits.
  • The most common fruit in the world is tomato
  • A tree called fruit Salad Tree sprouts 3-7 different types of fruits in the same tree.
  • Strawberries contain more vitamin C than the oranges.
  • Oranges do not come in the top 10 list of fruits containing the highest amount of Vitamin C.
  • Pineapple is a berry actually.
  • Orange is named after the color orange. This is true but once it was called Geoluread which means yellow-red.

Benefits of eating fruits on an empty stomach are not known to many and most of the people still prefer them having along with the meals. High-fiber, high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals, fruits are no lesser than a boon on your health but you need to avoid certain things to get the maximum benefit of them.