How to Boost Your Libido Naturally? Worst and Healthy Foods for Sex

How to Boost Your Libido Naturally? Worst and Healthy Foods for Sex

Boosting your libido for the sake of building a healthy relationship with your beloved is important. But, unfortunately either due to growing age or stress you tend to overlook this vital aspect of rejuvenating intimate relations. There are certain healthy food for sex which can turn you on.

Incorporating these foods in your daily diet enhances your sexual urge and makes you last longer. Check them out.



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This is a super food for sex as it contains an immense amount of folic acid that enhances the production of histamines and makes the attainment of orgasms easier for both the sexes. From the ancient days, people have been using this herb to improve sex drive. Asparagus helps in stimulating the circulatory and nervous system as the result of which more blood flows to all the organs of your body including your genitals. This helps in sexual arousal and better performance in bed.


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This miraculous herb can do wonders to boost your libido. From the ancient time, garlic has been used for healing body organs. People suffering from erectile dysfunction should consume garlic every day to maintain a steady flow of blood to their manhood. This super spice is rich in allicin, which in turn improves the blood flow and increases vitality.


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This favorite half shell seafood helps increasing the production of testosterone that increases libido in both the sexes. Loss of libido becomes a common phenomenon in menopausal women, researches have shown that when these women begin to consume this slimy and slippery delicacy, they show an inclined interest in sex as oysters promote the release of sexual hormone.


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From the ancient time, people have been using ginger as aphrodisiacs or “food for love. Tingling the g-spot becomes easy with ginger. It is a super spice that stimulates the circulation of blood in the erogenous zones and makes them much more sensitive.

Nutmeg, cardamom, ginseng, fenugreek seeds also have the same effect as ginger and therefore they are also considered as healthy foods for sex.

Pineapple and Strawberries:

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These two fruits are just superb for boosting your sex drive as they relax your body and also helps in distributing vigor throughout the body and you do not feel lethargic while performing in bed. Sugars of these fruits activate the nerve cells and stimulate the sex urge.



Last but not the very least, Chocolates are one of the most important aphrodisiacs. Coca has PEA or phenylethylamine, which is known as a love chemical. This chemical helps in releasing dopamine in the pleasure centers of the cerebrum. PEA also inspires the feeling of well being and eases stress.


With the internet deluged with healthy foods for sex, people just gobble down oysters, strawberries, etc. and wondering why they do not get the kind of results they are looking for. This is so because of the simple reason. They do not know what they should avoid eating. Given here are certain worst foods that may kill your libido and hence you should stay away from them.

Corn Flakes:

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Do you know that John Harvey Kellogg, the man who invented corn flakes used to believe that sex and masturbation ruin time and impact health adversely? This is the reason why he invented this bland, sugarless and meatless breakfast to keep the urge for sex down.


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Although this is a superb herb and it is wonderful for your health. But, yes, mint and mint oils contain menthol that decreases the production of testosterone and it has a cooling effect on the body.


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Monks and spiritually inclined people practicing celibacy consume soy to keep their sexual urge low. The immensely high protein content of soy products inhibits the sex drive. One of the biggest soy companies is owned by the Kellogg.

Graham crackers, okra and granola are a few other foods that decrease the sex drive.


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There are certain males who complain of erectile dysfunction (ED), despite taking healthy foods. So, apart from taking care of their diet and foods they eat, they should try practicing some tips to turn them on and stay longer in bed. Though there are a number of treatments that include pills and ointments that claim to be a quick fix solution for better erections. But, actually these should be avoided as they may be fraught with risks. It is better to follow these tips and get better erections naturally.

Include All the Foods Rich in Zinc:

As already discussed, to boost the sexual libido, you must incorporate healthy foods for sex in your diet. Make it a point to include foods that are rich in zinc as they promote the production of testosterone which is important for strong erections. You should have five portions of fruits and veggies daily. That apart, you should try increasing the consumption of leafy green veggies like spinach, lettuce and broccoli, which help increasing blood circulation in your body.

Strictly Avoid Liquor to Improve Performance:

You know what? Though consumption of alcohol can create the desire to have sex, but even the moderate consumption of alcohol can cause erection issues. Drinking affects the nerves reaching to the genitals as the result of which they stop functioning properly.

Kegel Exercises Strengthen Pelvic Bones:

There are certain set of Kegel exercises that can help in beating Erectile Dysfunction as the result of which you get harder erections. Indulging in Kegel exercises helps strengthen your pelvic bones and increase blood circulation to the genitals. Performing these exercises regularly before going to bed proves to be very useful.

Improving sex life can be a hard nut to crack if you are stressed, not focused on what you eat and taking worst foods for sex unknowingly. Nutrition plays in important food to turn you on. So, if lack of sexual urge or erectile dysfunction is coming on your way it is better to take a food rich in Zinc. All the sea foods, beans, eggs, bananas are also considered to be healthy foods for sex.

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