Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 1

Blessed are the women who stand a chance to become mothers. This is the period in your life when you are full of many curiosities. You try every possible thing to make your pregnancy safe. One such question that tends to come to your mind is what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

In the crucial nine months of your pregnancy avoid these harmful foods that can prove to be immensely dangerous to your unborn baby. Here goes the list of the food that appears to nutritious otherwise.

Raw Sprouts:

Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 2

Considered to be an excellent source of Vitamins otherwise, sprouts are one such foods that you need to avoid. According to FDA, there is a high risk of bacteria like Salmonella (responsible for food poisoning) getting inside the sprouted seeds which are very difficult or nearly impossible to wash out. If you want to eat this food for proteins it is advisable to cook it thoroughly beforehand. Similarly, raw eggs, beef, pork and chicken should also be avoided. Go for only pasteurized and thoroughly cooked food.

Soft Cheese:

Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 3

You need to avoid all the unpasteurized cheese items because of the same reason. In all possibilities it may contain a strain of bacteria known as Listeria which is a rod-shaped aerobic bacterium that can cause a disease called listeriosis. This is life-threatening to the fetus as it may cause meningitis, fever or may lead to miscarriage or premature birth.


Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 4

This is another food to be avoided strictly during pregnancy. The pregnant women should not eat liver in a large quantity. It is immensely rich in Vitamin A and iron and a very high level of the Vitamin A can be extremely damaging to the baby. It is hence advisable to keep this food at bay when you are pregnant.

Tuna and Swordfish:

Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 5

Mercury is known to be highly toxic element that is known for destroying the entire nervous and immune system. This element is commonly found in the polluted water. Large fishes that live in the oceans can accumulate a very high amount of mercury. So, all the fishes specially living in the oceans like tuna, swordfish and king mackerel etc. should be strictly avoided.

Prefer consuming fresh water fishes to get Omega-3 fatty acids in adequate amount and avoid large fishes because mercury can damage the brain of your unborn baby.


Top 5 Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy 6

You need to know that there should be total abstinence from alcohol during the period of conception. It is extremely damaging to the fetus and can result in abnormalities in the fetus and can damage its brain completely.

In short, during the most crucial nine-month of your conception, you should be very careful about what you eat as you are feeding your unborn baby with the same food. Processed, junk and highly salted are other foods to avoid during pregnancy because weight gain at this time can lead to several complications. Reduce the salt intake to the minimal as blood pressure tends to rise during pregnancy. Feed yourself with fresh fruits, veggies and their juice and make sure you wash them thoroughly before consuming. Dry fruits and coconuts are highly recommended.