When inclining mercury shows no signs of coming down, when the scorching heat becomes intolerable and when you wonder where to find some respite from the nagging heat, try cool drinks. Cool blissful glasses of these drinks are irresistible to get certain amount of relief.

You can prepare these drinks at home easily and serve them to your guests to get their countless blessings. Here is a quick look at the top 10.

Aam Paana

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 1

Owing to its tangy taste and refreshing nature, aam paana is one of the most liked and refreshing drinks that anyone can prepared easily at home. The antioxidant-rich mint and Vitamin C rich raw mangoes make this drink utterly nutritious also. Here are a few easy steps to make aam panna..

How to make aam panna?

  • Pressure cook 3-4 sized raw mangoes of medium size.
  • Let these mangoes get cool for some time. Peel them and take out the pulp with the help of spoon.
  • Mix the cardamom powder, a pinch of black salt and jaggery /sugar to taste.
  • Mix all the ingredients; blend them till they become smooth.
  • Refrigerate this pulp in an air tight pulp.
  • When you serve this, add a one glassful of chilled water.
  • Add crushed ice, chopped mint leaves.
  • Add black pepper to taste.

Point to Note:

Instead of white sugar add organic evaporated cane sugar to give a great color to the drink and to make it healthier. Adding jaggery gives the drink a pleasant yellow color.


7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 2

One of the other favorite Indian beverages tops the chart when it comes to favorite cool drinks that refresh. The drink owes its name to the spice used to flavor this drink. It is one of the most popular summer drinks.

How to Make Jal-jeera?

  • Dry roast the cumin seeds until they turn a shade darker on a cast iron or a heavy-based pan. Let the seeds turn a shade darker.
  • Crush the seeds lightly.
  • Add chilies, mint, sugar, black salt and cumin powder.
  • Cover the pan and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Stir the lemon juice in it and remove the same from heat.

Serve when cold, add crushed ice and get refreshed by drinking it.

Mint Tisane:

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 3

The soothing digestive qualities of herbal tea containing mint with the combination of lemon verbena make this drink a perfect for you. It keeps you cool and your digestive track healthy.

How to Make Mint Tisane?

  • Place a bunch of mint and one bunch of lemon verbena including the stems in a teapot. Pour it in boiling water and allow it to steep for at least five minutes. You can add sugar or sugar alternative as per your choice. You can choose to have it hot or mix crushed ice before serving it.
  • Serve the drink in clear tea glasses.

Watermelon Lemonade:

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 4

This light and refreshing summer drink can be made into am adult cocktail if you add a little vodka to it. Otherwise, this cool drink itself is super cool, healthy and tasty.

  • Place watermelon into blender; cover the blender till the puree becomes smooth. Strain through the fine mesh and sieve.
  • Boil sugar and about half cup water to boil in saucepan over medium-heat. Till the sugar dissolves. Once it is you can remove it from heat. Squeeze out the lemon juice and stir three cups of cold water. Divide this ice into 10-12 glasses and scoop two-three tablespoons of the watermelon puree over the ice. Top it with lemonade. Gently stir the serving before you serve finally.

Sparkling Peach Punch

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 5

The super peach mixture is one of the refreshing drink recipes that you can place in the freezer and serve whenever you like. The drink is immensely rich in Vitamin C and can give you quenches you thirst in an effective way.

How to Make Sparkling Peach Punch?

  • Combine water, sugar and gelatin in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to boil, stir the mixture and dissolve.
  • Place some un-drained peach slices in the blender. Cover the same, blend unit it gets smoother. In an extra-large bowl combine the gelatin mixture, nectar of the peach, puree of the peach and a little lemon juice. Divide this peach mixture into 4 equal parts. Cover the mixture and freeze it for a night till it gets firm.
  • When you serve place one or more container at a room temperature for a couple of hours. Try breaking the large chunks with the help of fork and mix ginger ale to enhance the taste.

Honey-Limed Red-tea

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 6

The refreshing antioxidant rich tea is a perfect way to keep you cool. You can drink as many cup as you want and can have a completely satisfying experience every time you have it.

How to Make Honey-limed Red tea?

  • Brew some red tea bags as per the instructions mentioned on the packet.
  • Stir some honey and bring it to cool.
  • In a pitcher, mix some lime juice in the tea and stir the mixture.
  • Top the mixture with club soda.
  • Serve with crushed ice and lime slices.

Strawberry Lemonade

7 Top Cool drinks That Keep You Amazingly Refreshed & Hydrated 7

This super-tasty lemonade can tickle your taste buds and gives you an utterly refreshing feeling. You can choose to have it in brunch or every now and then during the summer season.

How to Prepare Strawberry Lemonade?

Bring water and sugar (you can choose an alternative to It.) to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce the heat and simmer. Stir the mixture occasionally. Remove it from heat, mix the lemon juice and stir. Let it get cool.

  • Take some strawberries in a blender with ½ cup of lemonade mixture. Blend well till it gets pureed. Remove the seeds by staining the mixture. Now add the puree to the lemonade mixture, stir well to combine and refrigerate it.
  • You can pour the crushed ice and garnish it with mint and lemon.