Being a woman you are more prone to abdomen fat. If you are really concerned about your increasing waistline and want to do away with belly and thing fat you need to follow certain tricks. It is easier to lose fat but hard to stop that fat from coming back.

Let us have a quick look at such 10 tricks on how to reduce belly fat at home that really work.

Take Two Glasses of Lemon Water With Cloves of Garlic As The First Thing In The Morning:

Let this be the first thing you take in the morning. So, before you begin your efforts to shed the calories out, take this. Lemon water helps in breaking down the toxins of digestive system which accumulate in the form of fat. It also helps with insulin insensitivity and hence a glass or two of lemon water is recommended for overcoming the belly fat.

Garlic is responsible for decreasing the appetite by increasing the sensitivity of brain to leptin which is a hormone produced by the fat cells for regulating appetite. Also, garlic releases norepinephrine which is a stimulant neurotransmitter that boosts metabolic rate. Apart from having garlic with lemon water in the morning you can also have it now and then all through the day.

Apply Vicks Vaporub Over The Affected Area:

You would bite your tongue in surprise. But yes it is true that applying Vicks all over your abdomen and the thigh area and sleeping with the area covered reduces the fat deposits. Wonder why? It reduces cellulite from the problem area because the herbs contained in this decongestant are actually known for reducing the fat deposits. Mix it with camphor, baking soda and a little bit of alcohol to get the optimal results. Apply this mixture over the problematic areas and cover the area with plastic before you go to sleep.

Drinking Cranberry Juice Once a Day:

Citric, Malic and Quinic acid contained in the cranberries function as digestive enzymes and act on the stubborn deposits of fat in the lymphatic system that transport all the waste products which your liver cannot process. Research has shown that cranberry juice digest the lymphatic wastes and hence reduce the body fat. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice is really helpful in reducing the fat around the abdomen.

Incorporate More Soluble Fiber In Diet:

The more soluble fibers you can take in your diet, the better it would be. Take more of oats, whole grains, pears, apple etc in your daily diet to start the process of burning visceral belly fat deposits. In the beginning you need only 10 gram of fiber a day only because the natural bacteria in your gut needs sometime to adapt to your new fiber intake. Incorporate more fresh fruits in your diet and try to eat fruits and fresh veggies with their peels on. This will meet your daily fiber requirement.

Have Breakfast Within An Hour Of Waking Up:

If you are in the mission of losing fat, you need to take breakfast within an hour of waking up. This helps in keeping your insulin levels steady and you begin to lose weight. Be sure to make your breakfast early and make it the healthiest meal of the day. Take eggs, beans, butter, nuts, lean meat, oats or fresh fruits in your breakfast. This will keep your LDL cholesterol level lower and help in reducing belly fat to a great extent. Similarly, rest of the meals should also be taken early. Take your lunch no later than 12 pm and dinner no later than 7 pm. This will boost your metabolism and helps in fat reduction.

Your meals should be supplemented with healthy snacks in every two hours. This will send signals to your brain that your body is not starving and it would not enter into the SOS mode of saving fat and your metabolism shoots up.

Drinking As Much Water As You Can:

Visceral fat are the toxins that gets accumulated due to wrong dietary habits. All the junk intake of your day to day life begins to show in the form of fat in belly and thighs. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to flush the toxins build up and avoid soda, coffee and tea. This will help in melting your visceral fat to a great extent. So, drinking plenty of water should be your everyday ritual.

Some More Useful Tips:

  • Do not take big bites and chew your food thoroughly.
  • Detoxify your bodies with ginger tea and cucumber+mint water.
  • Ginger is natural fat burner, incorporate more of it in your daily diet
  • Go to bed hungry.(Dinner at least three hours before)

If despite working out daily for 30 minutes or more you are not shedding fat and wonder how to reduce belly fat at home, you just need to check out what you eat and when and also check out beauty tips.