5 Golden Tips to Increase Memory and Brain Power

5 Golden Tips to Increase Memory and Brain Power

You tend to forget and get irritated. You are unable to focus and lagging behind at work place or studies. Do you wonder why this happens at an age when it should not?

It is due to the lack of adequate nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. Gathered here are 5 tips that help can enhance your brain power, helps you memorize more and change your life for better.

Indulge in Aerobic Exercises:

As per a research conducted, intense aerobic exercises like biking, running etc, stimulates growth of cells in the hippocampus of your brain. The hippocampus is the memory center of your brain and growth of neurons here can make a real difference!

Mnemonics are Helpful:

Mnemonics are the memory tools that are really helpful for improving memory. Try to co-relate to the things known to you. For instance, if you need to remember the locker code you can make a mathematical equation using the number known to you (like your birth date etc. ) 1+9+92= 102. This can be applied to end number of things.

Play Brain Games in the Morning:

Quizzes, crosswords, puzzles and other brain teasers are all brain challengers. Make it a point to solve riddles (especially in the morning.) When your brain got to work harder it will work better. Stop using planners and agenda books and try memorizing things instead of jotting them down. Use planners only if there are more than 10 things to remember.

Reading Series:

Incorporate the habit of reading book series. Since you will need to remember what happened in the last series. Reading is good not only for increasing your memory and boosts your brain power also. This will help increase your IQ also.

Incorporate Nuts and Fishes on Your Daily Diet:

Have you seen walnut closely? Does it resemble the shape of the human brain? It is so because walnuts and all other nuts increase the power of your brain and nurture it. So, incorporate nuts, fishes and all the foods good for your brain in the diet.

Other Do’s and Do’nts

  • Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily (the best sleeping time is 10pm-6am)
  • Indulge in physical exercises so that oxygen and blood reach to your brain and brain cells do not deplete.
  • Mastering chess strategies are really helpful in increasing your brain power.
  • Refrain from nicotine and alcohol.
  • De-stress yourself by taking time for fun and frolic.

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