It’s a common occurrence and everyone without exception at some point life or the other hits by a fit of anger. What happens? Why anger is bad for health and how does it impact brain? Can it kill you or make you stronger? Given here is all that you want to know about anger and what changes your body undergoes when anger hits you.

#1 What happens to your body when you are angry?

Do not be angry, it affects you more than the person you are mad at, they say. It is actually true. When anger strikes, the body gets flooded with stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Rush of these two hormones means body gets prepared for fight or flight response.

This hampers the blood supply towards the gut and the blood begins to rush towards muscles so that the body gets prepared for the physical exertion. This result in increased heart-beat rate elevated blood pressure and increased respiratory rate. Temperature of the body rises and skin begins to perspire. This helps the body remains focused and sharp.[wp_ad_camp_1]

#2 Why anger is bad for you?

Sudden spurt in stress chemicals and the associated metabolic changes with it can harm the entire body. Over and all body gets affected resulting in the body coping with a number of health issues like problems in digestion, abdominal pain, headaches, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety etc.

#3 What anger does to your brain?

Limbic system is the emotional center of our brain. The center is located lower brain and it is not used as often as cortex or the thinking part of the brain. When anger hits you, you use the limbic part of the brain and not cortex as the result of which you are not able to think rationally. Release of too much cortisol decreases the serotonin level of the blood that makes us feel happy and relieved.

#4 What can anger issues lead to?

When you blow your top, your body begins to show it. Your jawline tightens, your heart-beat accelerates, you begin to feel shaky and almost feel like crying. Studies have shown that anger is a substitution for pain. People feel better when they are angry than when they are in pain. The outburst is the result of their brain telling them that they are pained.

#5 What all changes body undergo when people are in pain?

When people are angry their heart rate goes up along with the arterial tension. Production of testosterone increases and cortisol level decreases. The left hemisphere of the brain gets more stimulated and there is an increased heart-beat rate and arterial tension.

#6 Can anger kill you?

Studies have revealed that anger can lead to heart attacks and cardiovascular issues. A sudden burst of anger can lead to the surge of chemicals all through the body like noradrenaline and adrenaline.

#7 Can being angry make you sick?

Scientists are of the view that angry outbursts release stress and are far better than the sick feeling being piled up inside. But, the chronic and frequent fit of anger can kill you. It is better to have outbursts sometimes rather than the sick feeling being accumulated inside you which can prove to be deadly.

#8 Can anger shorten the lifespan?

An upsurge in the stress hormones is associated with the feelings of anger and can create inflammation in the airways. Yes, anger can shorten your lifespan![wp_ad_camp_1]

#9 Does anger make you stronger?

As mentioned, anger relieves you from pain. In most of the cases, the limit of your strength is not the maximal force output of the muscles but just reflex inhibition from the utmost pain. The moment you get angry there is a release of adrenaline which is analgesic. It can be said that anger makes you stronger.

#10 What can anger issues lead to?

Anger badly affects your heart. It releases harmful stress hormones and hence the oxygen demand by the muscles of heart increases and blood platelets begin to you stick that can lead to the blood clotting. Not only this, researches have shown that the stress hormones associated with the feelings of anger shortens your life.

#11 What anger does to your brain?

When person experiences anger the brain causes the body to release stress hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline. These chemical help the body control the heart rate and blood pressure.[wp_ad_camp_2]

#12 How does anger make you feel?

Anger is nothing but a substitution for pain. People substitute their feeling of pain with anger as they feel that it is better to be in pain than in anger.

#13 Is anger bad for heart?

Both the emotions whether it is anger or holding the feeling of hostility or grudges trigger the “flight or fight” response. When this happens, stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline begins to release into the system that accelerates the heart and the breathing rate as the result of which blood vessels of the hear carrying blood to the body parts tightens.

#14 Can anger lead to death?

Yes true! Anger can kill you. An angry heart can be a cause of your death. There can be sudden cardiac arrests that can be blamed for abrupt deaths. So, yes! Anger can kill you.

#15 Can anger make you stronger?

Feeling of guilt and shame do not good to you. These two feelings cannot make you feel better and stronger. Since adrenaline gets into your system in a large amount when you are angry, the body strength gets automatically increased when you are angry.

#16 How can I stop being angry?

There are many short-tempered people that tend to lose their temper easily. It is worth noticing that anger tends to lock your minds you begin to think too deep into what has happened and hence the sore you get does not heal making you angry. Take deep breaths, splash your face and above all do not focus on that particular situation too much. Focus on the other important aspects of your life.[wp_ad_camp_1]

For a long-term relief from anger you need to exercise regularly, mediate on a regular basis or practice yoga to manage stress-levels and can get into the habit of listening calm music. Be happy and vent out your anger by thrusting your hand against an object not spitting it out it does not only spread venom but can harm you inside out.