Why Should You Cuddle and Caress Your Partner After Sex?

Couple cuddling in glass corridor, AustraliaDo you embrace your partner after sex or just let her go after the act is over? Hugging your partner after sex is a gesture that shows your care and affection so it is an important phase of sex. While the males rush to wash themselves or to take a shower just after ejaculation, females just love to get hugged after the play and consider it as important as the act itself. It is so because it shows more than just a physical attraction. They love to be caressed and cuddled after the intercourse.

Difference Between the Sexual Behavior of Men and Women:

It is true that more than 80% of men like to be left alone after the actual act is over. However, blaming him for this kind of sexual behavior is unjust. They do so because of their body physiology. Once they reach the orgasm, they release a chemical called serotonin, which soothes their nerves and they just go to sleep because they feel relieved after the release of this hormone.

On the other hand, females differ in their body physiology and release another hormone called oxytocin. This is a hormone that is responsible for their urge of being closer even after the intercourse and this is the reason they crave to be caressed and hugged after the actual play.

Why Should You Hug After Sex?

Embracing is important because it brings you closer both emotionally and mentally. It is true that once a man ejaculate his excitement level dies. Some males just push their partner off and others become indifferent. But a man who is actually in love with her partner hugs her and makes the bond of intimacy closer.

Males should show this if they love their partner. If your partner can bear with your sex health issues like erectile dysfunction or pre-mature ejaculations then it is your duty to show them the same gesture. A number of studies have revealed that females prefer to be in the arms of their bed partner long after the sex also. It is known that a foreplay sets your mood right, but an act after a play like cuddling your partner is equally important to have the same level of excitement in the consequent matings.

In Long and Short:

Women love to be caressed and cuddled once they are through with sex and their bed partners should take care of their feelings to make them love more. As lovemaking is all about mutual satisfaction. Isn’t it?

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