Which Body Hair Removal Method Will Suit You the Best?

Which Body Hair Removal Method Will Suit You the Best?

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is a challenge indeed. Though shaving is the most convenient and easiest way to remove hair but the results are disappointing because hair begin to grow the very next day. So what is the right choice for body hair removal?

Is there any home remedy that gives you permanent results? Let us explore the nine ways of removing hair, cons attached to them and a home remedy that work wonders.


This conventional method of removing facial hair is popular among others. Hair removed by this method takes at least 45 days to grow again fully. But, this method takes a lot of time and it is absolutely unsuitable for the large areas. It is used for removing hair from the face only.


As already mentioned, despite being the easiest and the most convenient way to remove hair, shaving is not preferred due to tons of cons attached to it. The hair are not removed from the roots. They are cut superficially and hence they tend to grow the very next day. Not only this, it also promotes the growth of more hair and cause irritation to the skin. So,  body hair removal method is not advisable.


The method is preferred over others because in this method hair are removed from the roots and the results last longer. The method suits both small and large areas and leave your skin smoother and nourished. The only con attached to it is the pain.

Depilatory Lotions and Creams:

Use of depilatory lotions and creams for removal of unwanted hair is one of the simplest and the commonest ways to get rid of your body hair. The hair removed grow back in 2-3 weeks. Apart from that, the chemicals which dissolve your body hair may react with your skin causing allergic reactions. Though the method is painless, but here too, hair are removed superficially only.  


This relatively new method of removing hair suits smaller areas only. In this method hair are removed using electric current and the results are everlasting. The method gives permanent results but it requires many sessions and it is immensely painful.

Laser Hair Removal:

This is one of the most effective and sought after methods to remove body hair. In this technology, laser rays are used to destroy the melanin of hair follicles permanently. The method requires a couple of sessions, but gives you beneficial results. There are myths prevalent about this body hair removal method. People think that it burns the areas and causes discoloration of skin. This is not true. There is a slight burning sensation which can be avoided just by applying anesthetic before this treatment and cold compress after the session is over.

Intense Pulsed Light:

Like laser hair removal method, intense pulsed light is used to remove hair. Light of multiple wavelength falls on the targeted areas and destroy pigment of the hair follicles. Again, the treatment does not harm your skin and gives you permanent results.

A Home Remedy for Body Hair Removal:

Make a thick paste of wheat/gram flour using honey and rose water. Apply this paste all over your face and where there are fine body hair. Once dried, remove it with your hands. Wash the face with lukewarm water once you are through.

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