What to Eat During Exams to Perform Better?

What to Eat During Exams to Perform Better?

The last moment fears about the exams can be comprehended. Apart from putting time and efforts, you must focus on the food you eat to come out in flying colors.

The kind of food you eat has an impact on your mental state. So, make sure to take the right diet during exams. Here is the check list of what you should eat and you should not during the exams.

What to Eat in Breakfast?

Lentil beans: This richest source of protein keeps you fill and good for keeping the mental alertness.

Eggs: This is the other great protein source that keeps you energized all through the day.

Wheat toast: Have this wholesome fiber rich food along with honey to give keep you alert through the day.

Oatmeal cereals, porridge and orange juice are some of the other great diet during the exam.

What to eat in Lunch?

Chicken breast: You need to take a good amount of proteins so go for lightly cooked chicken breast along with some veggies.

Kidney Beans with Brown Rice: Loaded with nutrients and proteins.

Salad: A lot of tomatoes, lettuce leaves, broccoli,lemon juice etc.

What to Eat in Dinner?

Fish and Brown Rice: Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and known for its brain enhancing power. Have fish along with brown rice in the dinner.

Whole Wheat Bread Along With Spinach:

You can either prepare sandwich using this combination or can consider having whole-wheat bread along with cooked sandwich.

Chamomile Tea: This tea calm down your nerves and gives you a good night’s sleep.

What to Avoid Eating During the Exams?

Heavy Soups:

Light, fresh veggie soups are great, but you should ensure that they should not be too thick or laced with creams.

Eating Nothing:

Always remember that exam time is not a fasting time. Depriving yourself from meals means depriving your brain from the fuel it needs. Apart from having the above given healthy meals, you should have healthy snacks in between.

Fast Foods:

For heaven’s sake, desist your cravings for the fast foods at least during the exams. They doesn’t only wreak havoc on your health, but have a bad impact on your brain. So, strictly avoid all the junkies during the exams. Most of them laced with mono sodium glutamate and high level of sodium that ruin your brain power.


You keep a thermos filled up with either tea or coffee when you need to wake up late at night during the exams. High dosage of Adenosine leads to insomnia, which in turn leads to anxiety and nervousness.

Incorporate These in Diet During Exams:

  • Oats and nuts
  • Plain cereals
  • Yoghurt
  • Fresh fruits
  • A lot of water.

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