What Should You Eat After Workouts?

Eating rationally after workouts

Eating rationally after workouts

All the health-conscious people know that the meals taken immediately after workouts are vital to achieve their fitness goals.

After indulging in high intensity workouts, they need to have a diet rich in proteins as their muscles get seriously damaged and need repair. So, just a bowlful of sprouted gram or a glassful of protein shake is sufficient or you need to take a special diet? What should be your ideal diet after workouts and what are the foods you strictly avoid after workouts?

Why Do You Need to Eat Immediately After Workouts?

Whether you are doing resistance training exercises to gain weight or yoga to tone up your body, you need to eat well after exercise. This is so because it is considered to be the best time for your body muscles to stock up glycogen, which is the main fuel of your body and also the first fuel to be burnt during the exercise. But, diet taken by the people trying to gain weight and by the people trying to shed weight vary greatly. Tears in your muscles are created when you exercise and to repair those tears you need the right nutrients.

When You are Trying to Lose Weight? (Aerobic Workouts)

Be very careful about the diet you take when you are on the mission of losing weight. High-carbohydrate energy snack is not meant for you and you just need to take a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or veggie juice. Here are a few meal ideas:
• Green leafy veggies with grilled chicken.
• Two slices of brown bread with spinach omelette.
• Bean and lettuce sandwich
• Rice, beans and veggies
• Chicken mixed into broth or a stew.

When You Trying to Gain Weight (Weightlifting Workouts):

Eating after weight lifting sessions has to be different. Here is a list of a diet for all those who are looking for a serious weight gain.
• Bananas with peanut butter (This is high in potassium and protein for the recovery of your muscles.)
• Protein shake that is especially high in whey protein and peanut butter.
• Pasta (Whole wheat) with sausage. Try not to take spaghetti sausage.
• Rice (brown) with chicken mixed into broth or stew.

Always remember, that if you do not eat within 20 minutes after your workouts your muscles would not grow stronger and bigger. Apparently, all the aspiring bodybuilders need to understand the significance of the right nutrients after the workouts.

Avoid Eating These After Workouts:

• Milk chocolate
• White bread
• Cakes
• Energy crackers
• Salty snacks

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