What Should You Avoid Eating to Get Relieved from Arthritis?

What Should You Avoid Eating to Get Relieved from Arthritis?Millions of patients suffering from arthritis either gulp down garlic or mustard seeds to get a respite. But, they really do not know what exactly should they avoid eating. A bad diet can aggravate their problem and make the pain worse. Do you know that arthritis is an inflammation of the joints which is linked to a number of heart related issues? So, if you can sort out your diet, you would be able to avert any kind of heart-related issues.

Why Do You Suffer from Arthritis Pain?

What you eat is critical to your good health. A good arthritis diet is immensely important, and may totally cure your malady. But, let us first know why you suffer from the pain. Arthritis: this word is derived from the Greek word called Arthron which means joints and the suffix itis is a Latin word which means inflammation. Your body joints comprise of ligament, cartilage, synovial fluid and bone.

Your bone surface is covered by the cartilage and hence it does not let the bone get rubbed against each other. Also, it allows the joint to work effortlessly and smoothly. Your body joint is surrounded by a capsule and the space within it is filled with synovial fluid which is meant for nourishing the joints. Now, when you begin to feel the pain, it is due to one of these issues.
• Lack of synovial fluid
• The cartilage wears away
• Autoimmunity (your body attacks itself)
• Combination of all these factors.

Let us have a quick look at some of the foods that you should never lay your hands on you suffer from arthritis:
• The diary is one of the worst things that you should consume if you have joint inflammation. Do away with milk, cheese, butter, etc. from your daily diet.
• Fried and processed foods like prepared frozen meals, reduce inflammation of joints to a large extent.
• Grilled, fried and pasteurized food damage the proteins of your body.
• High amount of sugar and refined carbs (candies, white flour baked goods, sodas etc. ) result in the inflammation and hence these should be strictly avoided.

What Should You Do?

Instead of taking meat and dairy, you can try having more proteins in your diet. Incorporating these in your diet would alleviate your pain and make you feel better.
• Nut butters
• Beans
• Lentils
• Spinach
• Quinoa
• Tofu
• Veggies
• Fruits

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