What Gives You Sleepless Nights? How Can You Fix This Issue?

What Gives You Sleepless Nights? How Can You Fix This Issue?

Do you have mood swings, feel irritated and have a difficult time focusing on your work and blame all this to your sleepless night? Our body needs 8 long hours of uninterrupted sleep to function optimally. Do you wonder why after toiling hard you find it difficult to sleep effortlessly?

Do you wake up at mid nights and feel restless or have a hard time getting sound sleep? Insomnia has become a common phenomenon and millions of people like you facing the problem. The inability to get a good night’s sleep that our body requires is known as insomnia. Let us see why do you have sleepless nights and how can you overcome the issue.

Causes of Insomnia:

As such insomnia is not a disease. If you find it difficult to sleep properly, do not get sleep immediately after you go to bed and get interrupted sleep then it all indicates the symptoms of insomnia. There are three categories of Insomnia: Transient insomnia (sleepless nights for one day to one week), acute (one to three weeks) and chronic (for months).


Insomnia cannot be termed as a disease. It is just a symptom of sleep disorders therefore besides the root cause of your brain being stressed, there can be many other reasons of insomnia. Intake of excessive intoxicants or medications, fear, pain, etc. can be the root causes of insomnia.

Sleep Apnea or Your Breathing Being Interrupted:

Sleep Apnea (the condition where respiratory track muscles are partially collapsed) or difficulty in breathing can lead to sleepless nights. People with this health issue generally do not remember that their sleep is hampered throughout the night and feel drowsy during the daytime.

How to Check this Issue?

Basically, this type of insomnia is attributed to cerebral vascular conditions or congestive heart. You should be taking medications only if yours is a chronic case. Otherwise, when this type of issue gives you sleepless night, awake from the bed and resume breathing. Sleep on your side and indulge in deep breathing exercises. Also, keep your head elevated (at 45 degrees from the bed). This will let you breathe comfortably.

You Take Frequent Journeys or Have Night Shifts:

You travel often and your journeys have different time zones therefore it becomes difficult for you to adjust your body clock which gives you sleepless nights. This also happens when you work in the night shifts.

How to Check this Issue?

This issue can be resolved by taking 8 hours of unhampered sleep whenever you feel drowsy.  So, do not wait for the night to come. Your biological clock is adjusted to a particular time and therefore do not disturb this routine. To complete 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep cycle is important.

You Smoke At Night:

Think twice prior to taking your first puff of nicotine. When you do so, the nicotine begins to decrease the supply of oxygen to the heart and makes heart beats lesser effective. Your blood vessels become constricted due to the formation of blood clots and your blood pressure elevates instantly. Your heart rate increases to supply the same amount of oxygen to your body muscles as it was prior to smoking. So, your brain becomes active and alert and you cannot sleep.

How to Check this Issue?

Do not take nicotine or caffeine in any form prior to sleeping. Make it a point to take a glassful of lukewarm milk before you sleep. Strictly avoid taking alcohol or antihistamines to overcome this issue. This will make the problem worse.

Heartburn or Acidity:

You remain awake at night due to heartburn, which gives you unpleasant sensation. This sensation occurs when acids of your stomach begins to flow upwards. This medical condition is known as gastro esophageal reflux.

How to Check this Issue?

You should pay heed to what you eat. Stay away from the unhealthy acidic foods and switch to fresh veggies and fruits. A change in your diet will make a world of difference. Make it a point to eat healthy foods and avoid eating late night dinners.


If you are suffering from a mild insomnia, you need not worry. There are herbal and natural remedies that can cure insomnia. Avoid eating, sleeping pills and maintain a healthy lifestyle to sleep adequately at night. Try doing all this:

  • Practice doing yoga and indulging in mediation. If stress or any other psychological reason is behind your sleepless nights, then calming down your nerves with mediation or hypnotherapy is the best idea.
  • Maintain a healthy sleeping routine. Avoid taking afternoon naps.
  • Strictly avoid consumption of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol prior to sleeping.
  • Maintain a clean bed and ambiance in your bedroom.
  • Say no to antihistamines.
  • Avoid taking foods that cause acidic reflux and switch to a healthy diet.
  • Orgasms give you a sound sleep so if possible indulge in sex before you sleep.

In a few cases ladies experience sleepless nights during pregnancy, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, etc. This happens because during such conditions secretions of melatonin ( a hormone that regulates sleep) goes down. It also happens as a part of the aging process.

In certain medical conditions like bronchitis, asthma and high blood pressure levels can also be a reason behind insomnia. Whatever the reason may be if you are suffering from a transient insomnia, you can easily cure it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Switch off your laptops and mobile phones before you go to sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early. Just take some deep breaths and if possible you should indulge in lovemaking before you go to sleep.

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