What All You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy?

What All You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy?

Apparently, you become more health conscious during the nine-crucial months of pregnancy. What to eat and what you should not are some of the questions that creep into your minds.

These foods should be strictly avoided because of the risk factors that have.

Important Pointers to Remember:

  • Unfriendly microbes tend to grow on the food that comes to the room temperature.
  • Avoid eating non-veggies. If you cannot resist the temptation, you should cook them thoroughly to avoid the risk of salmonella infection.
  • Avoid eating things that are made up unpasteurized milk as these could be infected with Listeria that enhance the risk of miscarriage.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: A Quick Look

Soft Cheese or Undercooked Eggs:

You may like eating half-boiled or half fried egg. But, avoid eating them during them during pregnancy, whether for nutrition’s sake or for taste. Similar holds good for soft cheese. This is so because cheese contains a bacteria called Listeria that may cause anomalies in the fetus. Your immune system becomes weak when you are pregnant so avoid both of these. Under cooked eggs may have salmonella.


When food to avoid during pregnancy would be talked about, alcohol will top the list because it easily into the placenta. So, imagine your baby drinking alcohol every time you do! Excessive consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may lead to a serious condition called fetal alcohol syndrome.

Sprouts Grams:

So you think that eating sprouts is healthy during pregnancy? If yes, then you are mistaken. Avoid eating sprouts for their high protein content and high nutritive value. The way they are grown are the breeding grounds of harmful microbes. Bacteria can easily enter the sprouts when grams are exposed in the air to get sprouted. Similarly,alfalfa sprouts contain toxins.

Fishes especially Sushi:

Avoid eating any kind of fish. They should not be eaten because of their high levels of mercury. You can opt for canned light tuna as they have a much lower level of mercury. Strictly avoid sushi as it has a high level of mercury. Mercury is toxic to your baby.


Studies have shown that excessive consumption of caffeine mat lead to pre-term labor, low-birth weight or even miscarriage. So, it is better to either limit the caffeine consumption or avoid it during the first crucial trimester. It is so because caffeine is diuretic and increases the frequency of urination which lead to dehydration or loss of calcium. Caffeine is a stimulant also and hence it may increase blood pressure and heart rate.

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