Useful Tips to Get Pink, Fuller and Luscious Lips Naturally

Useful Tips to Get Pink, Fuller and Luscious Lips NaturallyMillion dollar smile enhances your face value. Pink, fuller and luscious lips can make any smile great. On the contrary, dry and parched lips ruin your overall beauty. No matter how shapely your lips are, if they are dry, parched and discolored, they will look unattractive. A regular care will be helpful in maintaining their pink look. Trash all the harmful cosmetics that destroy your natural look and let us have a quick look at the tips to get pink lips naturally.

Rose Petals:

Just pluck a fresh rose from your backyard and crush its petals. Apply this crushed petals all over your lips. Doing so every morning for a fortnight gives a natural pink color to your lips.

Brushing Your Lips With Baby Brush:

Make it a point to brush your lips with a soft baby brush. You can also massage your lips with the tips of your finger in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This will improve blood circulation to your lips and the dead skin of your lips will also be removed. After brushing your teeth with a gentle brush, apply lip balm and keep your lips moist.

Moisturize Your Lips:

Before going to bed, moisturize your lips with olive oil/almond oil. This will help in arresting the moisture and keep your lips soft and supple. Make sure to wash your lips with lukewarm water in the morning.

Glycerin and Castor Oil:

If you stay in a cold and dry climate then your lips are likely to suffer from the damage. To do away with this damage, mix a teaspoonful of glycerin with a teaspoonful of castor oil and apply this mixture on a regular basis before you go to bed.

Protect From Sun:

Too much exposure to sunlight makes your lips dry and discolor them. To prevent this condition, you need to guard your lips and apply a good moisturizer along with sun guard on your lips whenever you go out.

Apply Beet Root Juice/Honey:

To get the natural pink color of your lips, you should apply fresh beet-root juice on a regular basis before you go to bed. Also, you can apply honey with your fingers and rinse your lips with lukewarm water in the morning.

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