Top 5 Reasons Why You Do Not Lose Weight Despite Trying

Top 5 Reasons Why You Do Not Lose Weight Despite Trying

If despite trying you do not lose weight and feel frustrated, you need to know the reasons behind it. To make a successful effort you should follow a good and well-planned strategy.

Check out the top 5 reasons for not losing weight, so that you can do away with these roadblocks.

Your Body is Retaining Water you Take:

You  drink a lot of water thinking that this is helping you achieve your weight loss mission. But, wait…make sure that your body does not retain water. There are times when your body gets messed up and its tissues and turns them into repositories of surplus fluids which results in excessive weight. If similar is happening with you, you need to cut down the water intake.

You are Consuming Soda or Alcohol:

Alcohol hampers your body metabolism and soda aggravates your bones. They do not have any nutritive value and have a very high calorie content. So, immediately stop consuming these. If you do not, you are making your body work overtime to burn calories and hence the calories that you take from healthy foods get stored as fat.

You Do Not Exercise At All:

You think that exercise is not necessary and controlled diet is enough. This is a misconception. If you are not making your body work, you will not be able to lose weight from the targeted areas like belly, butts and thighs. Also, no exercise or a poor exercise routine means a slow metabolic rate.

You are Skipping Your Meals:

Never do not that if you want, you want your weight loss mission to be successful. When you skip your breakfast, your body begins to burn calories from the proteins of your body. Proteins help in building muscles and aids your weight loss program. So, skipping meals means you are making your body starve which result in a sluggish metabolism. Take a wholesome diet comprising of fibers and antioxidants. Cut down on unhealthy carbs, fats and oils.

You are Stressed and Not Taking Enough Sleep:

Lack of sleep is one of the major reasons for not losing weight. Your body starts releasing ghrelin (a hormone which signals hunger). Also, leptin (a hormone which tells your body that it is full is released in a reduced quantity.) So, you feel more hungry and tends to eat more when you are sleep deprived. Similarly, when you are stressed cortisol hormone is released which help in replenishing your body from stress and make you feel hungry. Read more on weight loss water drinks

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