Top 5 Mistakes that Hasten the Aging Process

Top 5 Mistakes that Hasten the Aging Process

Nasty wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin give you sleepless nights when you begin to age. All the beautiful ladies who are worried about them can actually have a control over them.

Hence, I am enumerating top 5 mistakes that they make and their respective solutions. Let us have a quick look.

Mistake 1: Not wearing sunscreen

The UV rays of the sun cause excessive damage to your skin. They penetrate deep into your skin and damages your DNA, destroys collagen and depletes essential nutrients like Vitamin A from your skin. This results in the formation of wrinkles, aging spots and discoloration of skin.

What Should You Do?

Make it a point to apply sunscreen whenever you go out. You need a sunscreen that has a high SPF and gives you a complete protection from UV rays. These should non-clogging, light in weight and must contain Zinc Oxide.

Mistake 2: You are not cleansing your face before you go to bed.

It traps all the dirt and pollutants. It clogs the pores and affects the health of your skin as the result of which regeneration of new skin cells get delayed. Rejuvenation of skin becomes difficult and you begin to look older than you are.

What Should You Do?

To maintain a youthful and healthy complexion, you need to keep your skin clean and open its clogs when you nourish or hydrate it. Steaming open the pores of your skin. So, before you moisturize your skin make sure to take the steam and once you are through, you can close the pores by applying an ice cube so that dirt grin do not enter.

Mistake 3: You are not hydrating your skin.

Your skin needs to be moisturized all, the day through. Just like your body, your skin also needs food if you cannot hydrate it properly & regularly, you are likely to have wrinkles sooner. Dry skin is vulnerable to aging.

What Should You do?

Instead of using chemical laden moisturizer, you should try suing natural and home made ones. Mix honey with rose water or yoghurt and honey, glycerin + lemon to prepare moisturizers at home. Rinse with cold water. Apply olive oil/almond oil after cleansing your skin and before you go to bed.

Mistake 4: You fail to exfoliate it at regular intervals.

Exfoliation of your skin at regular intervals is necessary because thousands of dead cells in the skin hamper its rejuvenation process. You need to remove them to help your skin revive and to initiate new cell formation.

What Should You Do?

Scrub your face at least once a week with the help of home-made scrubs. Make a scrub at home by mixing oatmeal/gram or wheat flour with honey, apply thoroughly over your face and remove it once it is dry.

Mistake 5: You wash your face frequently.

If you do this and apply harsh soap on your face, no wonder your skin begins to sag and wrinkled. Washing your face frequently takes off the natural moisturizers from your skin and leaves it lifeless.

What Should you do?

Do not wash your face more than 2-3 times a day. Use only a mild cleanser or herbal face wash. Make use of a lukewarm water and moisturize your skin after washing your face to get a beautiful and young looking skin.

Health and beauty are my favorite niches. It makes me happy to explore the facts of good health and i endeavor to bring it to fore for the benefits of visitors.

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Health and beauty are my favorite niches. It makes me happy to explore the facts of good health and i endeavor to bring it to fore for the benefits of visitors.

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