Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter that you are Unaware of

Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter that you are Unaware of

While taking a morning stroll if you come across a group of people laughing loudly, do not be surprised. They are not insane to laugh without a reason.

Health is a reason which makes them do so. If you think that laughing is just a way to relieve stress and alleviating pain, you are mistaken. Laughter therapy is one of the most effective therapies to check a number of diseases.

Release of Endomorphins Relieves Pain:

When you laugh loudly, endorphins are released from the body. These are feel good chemicals that give you the sensation of feeling good and alleviates pain.

Keeps You Disease-free:

Believe it or not, a good chuckle can boost up your defense mechanism as it stimulates your immune system and hence you are better equipped to fight with the diseases.

Makes Your Heart Healthy:

Laughter is good for your circulatory system. It increases flow of blood in the vessels and protects your heart. It saves you from a number of cardiovascular issues.

Lowers Stress Hormones:

Studies have proved that a good laughter everyday helps you fight stress successfully. Laughing decreases the production of stress hormones and hence relieve you from stress.

A Workout for Face, Abdomen and Diaphragm:

Your diaphragm, abdomen and facial muscles all are affected positively by laughing. It is a great way to get a healthy respiratory system.

Improves Your Memory and Brain Functions:

It has been proved scientifically that when you are exposed to something funny and laugh your way out. Electrical waves  move through higher brain functions of your cerebral cortex and when you analyze the jokes and laugh it improves the overall functioning of your brain. It is due to this reason that doctors recommend a hearty laugh to the people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

So laugh your way out day in and day out even if you do not have a reason to do so. Laughter therapy works wonders and makes you feel better, healthier and stress-free.

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