Some Facts About Oral Sex that You Do Not Know

Some Facts About Oral Sex that You Do Not Know

In a layman terms oral sex can be defined as sexual pleasure seeking activity by enlivening sex organs by the mate using tongue, mouth or throat.

Most of the people believe that it is an excellent way to attain orgasms. But, there are a number of myths prevalent about the disease. There are some who fear the risk of sexual transmitted disease while others associate it with ultimate contentment. Let us explore the facts about oral sex that you should know, but you do not.

You Should Be Wearing Condoms:

It may sound weird to you. Many eyebrows will also raise up to the quest that whether it decreases the amount of pleasure you are actually looking for. But, in reality it is just a safety measure and don’t you wear it while penetrating for a precautionary sake? It does not alleviate your pleasure, but keeps you safe. When you do so, you make the passage of infection causing microbes from your gonads to your mate’s mouth and vice-versa. If your mate has cut or ulcer, the germs are sure to pass through. So, it is better to be ultra safe.

Oral Sex Can Pleasure Both the Mates Simultaneously:

Those who indulge in sex frequently might have heard of this position. Sixty nine is the position where one mate lies down and the other partner gets on the top of the first one. The head of the first’s mate is at the genitals of the second. This is a superb position where both the partners get exploded with pleasure at the same time.

Unprotected Oral Sex Lead to Herpes and Tons of Sexually Transmitted Disease:

It is true that there is no direct relation between STD and unprotected oral sex, but even then it is better to wear condoms and dental dam as well while indulging in this activity. However, clean sexual parts may be when you are on the giving end you run the risk of getting infected with Sexually transmitted diseases.

It is hard to imagine anybody who does not like oral sex. But, it is equally hard to find the people who know the actual facts and take the safety measures. The risk of getting infection may not be hampering your pleasure so maintain the cleanliness and take all the right measures to send your partner to the heaven but make sure that you remain ultra protected while doing so.

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