Some Common Queries About Before and After Workout Foods

Some Common Queries About Before and After Workout Foods

Whether you are a beginner or an athlete in training, you often wonder what to eat before and after workouts. Right after workout food helps revitalize your body. Do not load yourself with carbs after exercising.

You just need to have quality carbs, protein rich and heart healthy fats along with a lot of liquid intake. Let us have a quick look.

What Should You Eat Before Exercising?

As mentioned above too, you need healthy carbs for providing you the right amount of energy and endurance. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before exercising to perform better. Protein should be taken only in moderate amount. In short, the ideal meal should be low in fat and fibers, but it should have a moderate amount of proteins and carbs. Important is the inclusion of fluid in the right amount.

Few suggestions:

  • A Grilled sandwich
  • A slice of cheese pizza
  • Spinach omelette
  • A glassful of orange juice.

IsĀ  Exercising Empty Stomach Harmful?

Yes and no. Yes. If you are indulging in light exercising like jogging (even then you need to drink a glass of water). No, if you are indulging in intense workouts. In the latter case, you need to have a banana, a slice of toast or a fruit cocktail that can provide you the requisite fuel for intense workouts.

Do I Need to Eat High Protein Foods After Exercising?

This is a great idea because this helps your muscles recover and the damage done to them while exercising can be repaired if you take proteins in an adequate amount after exercising. So, if you want your muscles to grow, you should take high protein foods like eggs and milk. A glassful of fruit smoothie, hard boiled eggs or a bowlful of sprouted beans/grams will be the right after workout food choice.

Important Pointers to Remember:

  • You just need 10-20 grams of proteins for muscle recovery. So, do not be an over enthusiast.
  • You sports drinks should also contain sodium and potassium in sufficient amounts.
  • Choose the protein powders made up of whey proteins or milk proteins.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot during exercise or indulge in intense workouts, you should take sports drinks instead of plain glass of water.

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