Some Common Myths Associated With Masturbation

Some Common Myths Associated With Masturbation

Despite several myths associated with masturbation, to talk about it clearly is still a taboo in many parts across the globe. Why people do not want to talk about this self-pleasure seeking activity? Owing to the prevalent myths about this practice, people are scared about its adverse health effects. Debunked here are some of the myths associated with masturbation.

Masturbation Results in Nervousness:

Masturbation can never make any person nervous. It is an absolutely normal activity and almost every adolescent is associated with it. It relieves you from stress and stimulates you sexually.

It is Fraught with Health Risk:

This is surprising that some people associate masturbation with risks. On the contrary, it is an outlet for a better health of your prostate glands. In the process of sexual intercourse, you are likely to catch sexually transmitted diseases, but this process is free from the dangerous consequences.

It Results in Enlargement of Prostrate:

The practice of masturbation is wrongly associated with enlarged prostate. As per a research, more ejaculations are associated with a good prostate health. Semen is stored in the prostate gland. Carcinogens found in the smoke of cigarette and other toxins found in the environment get accumulated in the prostatic fluid. The more it is flushed out, the reduced are the chances of prostate cancer.

Masturbation is Practiced Only by Males and Adolescents:

This is one of the common myths which is not true. Females also masturbate, but reportedly far lesser. Also, they stop doing so once they are into a sexual relationship. Also, it is true that this practice begins during adolescence only, but males of all ages indulge in it.

Some Other Common Myths to be Ignored:

• Masturbation decreases sexual performance and increase libido.
• It results in decreased sperm count.
• It affects the quality of semen and makes it watery.
• It may result in blindness.
• It results in impotency.

Though it is true that masturbation is an easy way to relieve oneself from stress and it keeps the prostate gland healthy, but one should not over indulge in the activity as it may result in infection or rashes on the skin of the male organ.

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