Quick Fixes for Lower Back Pain

Quick Fixes for Lower Back Pain

Strain to the muscles or ligaments cause lower back pain, owing to prolonged sitting at work place or wrong standing posture, you tend to suffer from the common back pain that either becomes a regular feature or sometimes becomes chronic. Get to know the lower back pain reasons and the quick fixes.

Why Lower Back Pain Occurs? Lower Back Pain Reasons:


The most common reason of lower back pain is either complete wear and tear or injury to the spinal disc. When this is the case, your lower back cannot handle the weight of your upper part which results in chronic or acute pain. There are other reasons why most of the people suffer from the lower back pain.

  • Bulging or ruptured discs that put pressure on the nerves.
  • Arthritis that leads to the joint problems in the hips, knees, hands and lower back.
  • Sciatica is a pain that arises by herniated disc that put pressure on the nerve.
  • Sometimes it is due to the infection in the spine region
  • Due to heavy lifting of weight, your muscles get strained.

There are other factors as well, that can lead to a number of spinal issues results in back pain. There are certain other factors like stress, depression, sedentary lifestyle and immense physical activity that lead to lower back pain.

You Can Blame it to Your Genes Also:

If none of the above reasons hold true for you, you can blame the lower back pain to your genes. For instance, if you that When the body anatomy is identical, chronic lower back pain becomes a strong possibility. So, if you carry lower back issue in your genes, you would suffer from this health issue.

Quick Fixes to Lower Back Pain:


lower back pain

Stretching your lower back helps. Lie on your back and bring knee close to your chest. Once you begin to feel tightness in your lower back, hold this position for a few seconds. Push your kneed into your hands for 5-6 seconds. Drop your leg and inhale a deep breath. Repeat this for the other side as well and then with both of your knees. Do this twice or thrice a day.

Easing the Joint Tightness:

If you can ease your joint tightness, you can get rid of backache. To put your back ache at ease, you need to stand with your feet wide apart (shoulder length). Stretch out your arms and then twist gradually in the direction you want. Hold this for 2 seconds and then repeat the same. Do this for 5 minutes.

Improving the Blood Circulation:

Get yourself going. Leading an active lifestyle can relieve your pain to a great extent. Go for morning and evening strolls. This will improve the blood supply to the area and can be of great help in easing the pain.

Make Exercising a Daily Part of Your Routine to Reduce Weight:

Some people say that all it takes is maintaining a good posture. But, this is not the fact. A good lifestyle can help you in fixing the lower back issue. Make exercising a daily part of your routine. This will reduce your body weight and build up your strength. This improves the flexibility of your body and strengthens your muscles.

Check Your Posture When You Stand and Walk:

Make sure that your pelvis is in the neutral position while standing and walking. Make sure that your pelvis remains in the neutral position while you are standing. Make a conscious effort to walk straight so that you can maintain a good posture.

Whatever the lower back pain reasons may be, an active lifestyle, a daily stroll, maintaining weight and a good posture definitely help.

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