Mistakes that You Commonly Make When you Have Dengue Fever

Mistakes that You Commonly Make When you Have Dengue Fever

Suffering from a fever or joint aches and suspecting it to be dengue? Stop worrying, and be aware of the sure-shot symptoms of dengue fever, its possible treatments and learn the seven mistakes you should not be making when you suffer from this fever.


Dengue is caused by a black-colored mosquito with stripes. This is mosquito is known as Aedes Aegypti and it is the primary carrier as well as the transmitter of this disease. It is active during the daytime and like other mosquitoes it thrives on stagnant water. The disease appears basically in two forms: Classical dengue fever/Dengue hemorrhagic fever. When attacked by the disease-carrying mosquito the patient begins to develop the symptoms from three days to two weeks but normally between 4-7 days.[wp_ad_camp_1]


Do not worry and do not suspect all types of fever to be dengue. Given here are certain symptoms that help recognizing you that you are suffering from this fever. Have a quick look:

  • High temperature with chills running down the spine.
  • Severe muscle and joint pain accompanied by severe frontal headache.
  • Acute eye pain that enhances with the movement of your eyes.
  • Weak and torn-up body.
  • Appetite loss and depression.
  • Blood in stool.


If fever is uncontrollable and does not go down you can try a number of home remedies that are enumerated below:

  • You should be carrying out hydrotherapy if fever is running more than 102 degrees constantly.
  • Drink water in plenty. Keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • Take plenty of rest and continue normal food intake.
  • If there is a continuous blood loss from the body, you need a transfusion of blood platelets.


There are several laymen that think dengue can be treated with antibiotics just like other types of infections. There are others who think that the fever is contagious and can be transmitted and there are yet others who think they should get vaccinated. Explore the facts and stop making mistakes.

Dengue Fever is Treatable With Antibiotics:

Dengue fever is caused by a virus and Antibiotics are antibacterial. They are effective against the bacterial infections only. So, stop fooling yourself by treating dengue infection with antibiotics. Treatments of dengue are aimed primarily at relieving symptoms. For controlling it, you should prevent mosquitos’ bites.

All Dengue Infected People Show Symptoms:

No….It is about 4-6 days that infected persons may begin to show the symptoms. The first symptoms include fever, joints and muscular pain, rash and swollen glands. These are primary symptoms. Secondary symptoms include bleeding from the gums and nose and there may be other issues like blood vomiting. Symptoms vary greatly and children tend to show milder symptoms than the adults. In the majority of cases no symptoms are shown.[wp_ad_camp_1]

Dengue Can Be Transmitted:

No. Dengue is not contagious. Dengue gets transmitted by mosquito to human cycle and it cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Dengue can never be transmitted via coughing and sneezing, sexual contact, drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. Though humans are primary hosts, but the virus also circulates in various other non-human primates.[wp_ad_camp_2]

All Strains of Dengue Virus Are Not Infectious:

Again, this is wrong. Although there are several viruses and bacterial counterparts, which have harmless strains, dengue is a disease that is capable of causing a full spectrum of disease. If you are exposed to any strain of dengue virus, you would be provided with immunity against that strain forever.

It can be Treated With a Vaccine:

Unlike so many other bacterial and viral infections, there is no vaccine against dengue. If you are exposed to any strain of dengue virus you would be provided with lifelong immunity only from that particular strain. There is no vaccine that can provide long term protection against all the virus strains. Secondary infection with other types of strains increases the risk of severe complications.[wp_ad_camp_1]

Always remember that panic in any case makes the matters worse and the case with dengue is no different. So, calm down even if you begin to show the symptoms of dengue fever, get a blood test done immediately and take plenty of fluids.

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