Losing Hair, Weight and Developing Age Spots? Your Diet Lacks Vitamin E

Losing Hair, Weight and Developing Age Spots? Your Diet Lacks Vitamin E

Know The Tell Tale Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency

Neurological problems are the first indicator of your diet being deficient in Vitamin E. There are plenty of Vitamin E deficiency symptoms that we are unaware of.

It is better to be informed and take the requisite precautions rather than being ignorant and face consequences.

Enumerated here are the telltale signs that indicate your body needs Vitamin E.

Why Vitamin E is Taken Normally?

VitThose who are somewhat aware of the goodness of Vitamin E, take this vitamin for a stronger immunity or for healthy hair, skin and eyes. Also, they are taken for their antioxidant properties. Vitamin E protects the body cells against damage and prevents a number of diseases like cataract, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

Why the Deficiency of Vitamin E Arise?

The deficiency of Vitamin E arises primarily due to the fat malabsorption. The deficiency signs and symptoms of Vitamin E are observed in the premature kids, people with a slow metabolic rate and people with hereditary irregularities.

 It is a fat-soluble antioxidant, which cuts off the ROS production when fat undergoes the oxidation process. A range of diseases arising from the deficiency of free radicals can be prevented or delayed by Vitamin E sufficiency in your bodies.

Foods Rich in Vitamin E:


Before you explore whether you or your dear ones have Vitamin E deficiency or not, let us have a quick look at some of the best sources of Vitamin E. You need to incorporate these foods if your body shows Vitamin E deficiency symptoms.

You need to eat a diet rich in Vitamin E to make up for the deficiency. There are a number of food supplements. Like:

  • Egg yolks
  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans
  • Corn Oil
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Whole grains

Wheat germ oil is a significant source of Vitamin E. Once you identify the underlying conditions, you would be able to treat the deficiency of Vitamin E successfully.

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms in Infants:


Infants are the easiest victim of Vitamin E deficiency. There is a wide range of symptoms that indicate the insufficiency of Vitamin E in the young ones. Enlisted here are a few:

  • Disinterest in eating.
  • Weight loss and retarded growth.
  • Retronlental fibroplasias
  • Physical and mental issues.
  • Neo-natal may also suffer from hemorrhage.

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms in Children:



  • Weak muscles
  • Hampered growth.
  • Disorder in motor speech ( A condition commonly known as Dysarthria).
  • Loss of vibrations & position senses.
  • Drooping eyelids.
  • Lack of muscle movements with the loss of tendon reflexes.

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms in the Adults:


  • Loss or decline in sex drive.
  • Age spots.
  • Mild to moderate anemia.
  • Disorders pertaining to infertility and reproduction.
  • Cataract
  • Age-spots.
  • Neurological damage
  • Decline in function of brain, muscles and bone marrow.
  • Decline in fertility and problem in reproduction.
  • Red blood cells become fragile
  • Loss of hair
  • Leg cramps
  • Tissues take longer to heal.
  • Neurological damage
  • Gastrointestinal diseases. 

Other Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin E:

If your body lacks Vitamin E, your blood cells tend to become fragile. Not only this, there would be slow and steady degeneration of neurons. Miscarriages, decreased circulation of blood in the bodies, enlarged prostate gland and muscular wasting and a lot others.

Needless to say, if your body shows Vitamin E deficiency symptoms, the best thing to grab is Wheat germ Oil. Try to make up the deficiency of Vitamin E by having a lot of nuts, whole wheat and Vitamin E instead of Vitamin supplements. Read more on weight loss water drinks

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