Know These Facts About Female Orgasms To Please Her in Bed!

Know These Facts About Female Orgasms To Please Her in Bed!

Are you suffering from the mental agony and cannot figure out what your woman really wants? Sexual insecurity may ruin your self confidence. If you want to be a great lover in bed, you should be knowing the tips and tricks to please a woman.

To ensure that your lover gets satisfied optimally, you should be aware of certain facts about female orgasms.

 Yes! It is true that women fake orgasms and they take longer than men to have one. But, it is also true that they can have multiple orgasms as well. So, the next time you are in bed with her do not let her fake the orgasms. If you know the right facts you would prove to be a great lover.

They Reach Clitorial Orgasms Quickly:

A majority of man, perhaps do not know that female orgasms are not confined to vagina only. They get clitoral orgasms easily. The clitoris is one such erogenous zone that is sensitive to orgasms and even by gently rubbing or kissing this area, you would be able to make her reach the destination point.

Give Her Full Deep Breath Into Belly:

This helps! Give her full and deep breath into the belly. This will alleviate her stress and she would be able to move with your body rhythms better. There are certain small things which you can do like kissing the back side of her neck and her ear lobes. There are several foreplay tricks that you can try like caressing her body or licking it all through. Better and longer foreplay is the key to make her reach at the zenith effectively.

They Can Have Multiple Orgasms:

Yes! This is true. Unlike you, their body physiology is meant to attain multiple orgasms. So, once they have achieved it, do not think that your further attempts would prove futile. You can make the experience ultra gratifying for her by giving her multiple orgasms.

They Can Attain Two Types of Orgasms:

There are two types. One of the orgasms is serial and the other one is sequential. The former one happens simultaneously and the latter one occurs one after the other with a certain time gap in between.

Sexual Intercourse is Not the Sole Way:

Again, unlike you, it is not penetration, that makes them reach the ecstasy point. A majority of woman has conceded that it is not the intercourse always that helps. They can reach the destination point easily, quickly and effectively with certain foreplay tricks like licking and rubbing the clitoris.

They Get Better Orgasms as they Begin to Age:

Sounds weird! But this is true. Indeed, this could be seen as one of the benefits of aging. This happens because they become aware of what they enjoy gradually and grow confident about their body sexually. This in turn leads to a better sexual interaction.

Stimulating Their G-spot Helps:

The million dollar question that arises is how would you know where the G-spot is actually located. To locate this spot, you can feel the upper wall of the vagina that is about two inches up and you would be able to locate that spot which is slightly rougher in comparison to the smoother surrounding area.

In short, know their bodies and how they tend to respond before jumping into bed with them! This will help you make a better lover. If you really care for her, let this be evident when you are in bed with her.

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