Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

 Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

Do you miss lovemaking for the nine crucial months of your pregnancy and begin to feel sex starved for the safety of your unborn child? Is it right to curb your cravings for such a long time?

Is sex during the pregnancy safe? If these all questions are leaving you perplexed, then explore the facts and find the right answers.

It Keeps Vaginal Flexible and Soft:

Sex during the conception period is not at all harmful. On the contrary, researches have proved that the sexual intercourse during pregnancy keeps the vagina soft and flexible. Both the vagina and vulva become tightened to a great extent, if you do not indulge in sex during the pregnancy period. Therefore, it is advisable to have it frequently. This will ease the utmost pain during the delivery.

Unborn Baby is Fully Protected by Amniotic Sac:

Sex eases all the tensions. During the sexual intercourse certain hormones are released in the brain that take away all the worries and tensions. Also, sexual intercourse cannot harm the unborn baby because it is protected by the amniotic sac which is a thin-walled sac surrounding the fetus. So, baby is ultra-safe. Womb muscles are so strong that it cannot let anything harm the baby.

Penis Cannot Make Contact With the Sac:

It is not feasible for the penis to make contact with the sac. So, the amniotic sac is fully protected and the sac cannot be broken during the lovemaking process. So, all the fear in this respect have to be done away with.

Cervical Opening is Covered by Thick Mucus:

Cervix is covered by the thick mucus during the pregnancy so the infection cannot enter the uterus and baby inside the womb remain ultra-protected. It is not possible for the semen to penetrate the mucus covering. So, baby is safe. Semen contains a substance that can initiate contractions and false labor pain. So, even ejaculation inside the vagina does not cause any harm.

Sex During Pregnancy Does not Cause Miscarriage:

Length of the penis cannot reach the fetus. But, you should take utmost care of not thrusting your penis too deep towards the cervix as it may prove to be a risky affair. Indulging in sex during pregnancy cannot lead to miscarriage when an expectant lady reaches orgasm. The orgasmic contractions associated with the intercourse are different from the contractions during the childbirth.

A Word of Caution:

Though sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe, but it should be stopped in the last 5-6 weeks.

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