Is Jogging Actually Good for Health? Wait…

Is Jogging Actually Good for Health? Wait

You jog every morning to keep good health. Right? You believe that it is a good cardiovascular exercise that can burn calories and keep you in the pink of your health. But, wait!

There are certain harmful effects of walking and jogging so be careful before being over enthusiastic. Let us explore….

Both Jogging and Running Good For Your Health?

If this question has crept inside your mind and you are left perplexed then you need to know that both are good only and only if done in a moderate amount.  If you are a long distance runner or over zealous about jogging then you are likely to face the side effects of jogging that are back pain, sore knees, stiff ankles and tendonitis.

It was once believed that the people who indulge in rigorous jogging are likely to suffer from the wear and tear of musculoskeletal tissues which may lead to arthritis. However, this has been just a misconception. But, the victims of arthritis should not jog. The people who do not have an apt symmetry between the legs need not jog rigorously.

Avoid it If You Are Obese:

If you think that jogging is the best exercise for you if you are overweight then you are grossly mistaken. This is so because jogging puts an extra strain on your knees and heart. Also, avoid jogging if you have heart ailments or pregnant.If you have any pre-existing knee injury, over 40 years of age, prone to joint or bone diseases or not used to exercising, then you need to take a medical approval before going for jogging.

What Are the Advantages?

Apparently, jogging has plenty of benefits that cannot be overlooked. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and those who suffer from the heath issues like leg, thigh or back ache must indulge in jogging. The exercise is good for losing thigh, butt and abdomen fat. It prevents hypertension, cancers and infectious diseases. It prevents diabetes, improves blood circulation and keep you mentally fit.

Is Walking After Meals Advisable?

People often remain apprehensive about jogging after meals.Some people are of the belief that it has an adverse impact on the digestive track. Fortunately, this is just a myth. However, you should avoid jogging just after the meals, but you can take walks after some time. This happens because your digestive track requires blood in sufficient amount to digest the food you eat. But, if you begin to jog the blood from your body will go to other organs and hence you begin to feel dizzy or face the issue of indigestion.

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