Is Drinking Tap Water Safe? What Are the Potential Risks?

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe What Are the Potential RisksAre you aware of the potential dangers that tap water can pose on your health or you are just comfortable drinking it? This article will prove to be an eye opener to the millions of people who remain indifferent and can drink any water.

What Are these chemicals and How They Can Harm You?

Well! Those who have been drinking tap water for long and have not been affected by it should know that concentration of all the harmful chemicals in it are low. This is a good piece of news indeed, but a long term exposure to these chemicals can affect your bodies adversely. More than 200 harmful chemicals are found in the tap water. Chlorine and fluoride are the two chemicals which we all are aware about being added to the tap water. These two are added to disinfect and kill harmful microbes.

How is Chlorine Harmful?

The commonly added disinfectant of the tap water chlorine can cause a number of health risks. Irritation to the skin, nose, mouth and eyes. Chlorine can trigger a number of allergic reactions and can damage your respiratory system.

How is Flourine Harmful?

Flourine is more dangerous than chlorine and it has been related to the dangerous skeletal fluorosis (bones become brittle). Not only this, it may also lead to Alzheimer’s disease and disease of the thyroid glands. It can also lead to obesity. Regular consumption of fluoride may lead to a low level of IQ and mental retardation.

How is Lead Harmful?

Lead is extremely toxic and can cause a serious health risk. It can cause a number of memory problems, damage to the brain, kidneys, central nervous system and can cause problems in the reproductive units of both men and women. It has been related to premature birth and reduced birth weight, reduced cognitive abilities. So, the expectant ladies must not drink tap water. Lead can be absorbed easily by the growing and tender tissues of infants, kids and expecting ladies. Unborn babies are more susceptible to lead-poisoning.

How is Benzene Harmful?

Even the traces of benzene can prove to be dangerous. Benzene is a carcinogen and has been associated with cancer of lungs, hearts, liver and brain. It can lead to dizziness and convulsions.

How is Bromate Harmful?

Bromate is found in the tap water because ozone used for disinfecting water reacts with naturally occurring bromide of the water. Kidney is the first target of the water containing bromate. Water containing bromate can cause abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, etc. It can lead to the damage of the entire nervous system and can also lead to a permanent hearing loss.
Some Other Harmful Chemical Found in the Tap water:
• Arsenic
• Mercury
• Cyanide
• Copper
• Nitrates

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