How to Reduce Face Fat and Look Super-sexy?

How to Reduce Face Fat and Look Super-sexy?

Chubby Cheeks are no more desirable when you grow up. True? In your bid to look sexy and stunningly beautiful you want to reduce the fat from your face but your efforts often turn futile.

Along with a super-looking stunning body if you want a sexy jaw line that can inspire the awe of onlookers then read on the following 10 tips on how to reduce face fat.

Water is the Key:

The first and the foremost step towards the right direction is drinking ample amounts of water. Apart from cleansing your bodies and dissolving fat from your body, it helps removing facial fat also. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of cold water every day (in the first half of the day). Avoid drinking water just before going to bed as it may lead to puffiness of the eyes.

Smiling Helps:

Smile a lot and more often. Yes! Apart from having plenty of other benefits smiling helps reduce the fat from your face also. When you smile your facial muscles tend to burn more fat and make you looking young!

Chew Gum for Jaw Muscles Exercise:

To lose fat from your cheeks quickly, you should be chewing gum more often. This is a good facial exercise and helps keeping your face in a perfect shape. Let the gum remain in your mouth for a long time and chew it for 15-20 minutes.

Do Facial Exercises Regularly:

Just like chewing gums, there are plenty of facial exercises that are really helpful and effective! You need to indulge in these exercises at least 15-20 minutes daily. Bring both of the your lips together in “O shape” like you do when you blow candles and repeat this 5-10 times.

Massage Your Face:

Give your face a proper massage with lukewarm olive/almond oil. This will not only help increase blood circulation, but helps tightening your jaw muscles too. Give upward strokes and outward strokes with the help of your palm. You can consider doing the same when you apply moisturizer, sunscreen or any other facial cream.

Cut Down on Sugar and Salt Intake:

Along with flushing the toxins out of your body. Consider taking a diet rich in nutritional fibers, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Cut down the sugar and salt consumption to the barest minimum. Increased sodium results in water retention and bloating.

A Great Facial Exercise:

To get a super sexy and well defined jaw line you can consider performing facial exercises. Sit relaxed and upright. Take your lower lip upward and keep holding this posture for a couple of seconds. Repeat this facial exercise 15-20 times on a daily basis. A sexy facial look would not be far-fetched!

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