How to Grow Taller Naturally After Puberty?

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There is no way to grow taller past puberty. Is it a fact or a myth? Once a girl reaches the age of 16 and boys 18, the natural process of their growth comes to a standstill.


However, the good news is that they can still grow taller by making healthy changes in their lifestyles and by selecting the right food. Here are the tips following which you can add inches to your height even after attaining puberty.

What Should Not not be Done?

Taller people have an attractive persona. It is due to this reason that the boys who do not attain the desired length till puberty sometimes become so desperate that they start taking height increasing pills. This is pretty dangerous because these pills contain steroids that have a lot of side effects. Steroids are taken to stimulate Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, but they are known to have dramatic effects on human bodies.

Tips to Grow Taller Naturally

  • HGH or Human Growth Hormone is responsible for your growth. You just need to stimulate that hormone naturally. Indulge in a lot of stretching exercises because by doing so you are doing a favor to your body and allowing it to operate at its optimum speed. While you work out, your body releases chemicals and contact the brain to release hormones. Skipping, climbing and stretching outs will help you to grow taller.

Incorporate More Proteins:

A height enhancing diet should contain a lot of proteins. Chicken, soybeans, fish, eggs and grams. Apart from that try to get more calcium and Vitamin D. A glassful of whole milk is essential for you. Eggs, bananas and all green leafy veggies like spinach should be a must-have part of your diet.

Exercises to Stretch Your Length Naturally:

Vertical Hanging:

This is a simple stretching exercise but can be done at home easily. Fix a strong iron bar at least 8 ft above the ground in such a way that the distance between your feet and the floor does not exceed 6 inches. Hold the bar as long as you can in such a way that your feet touch the ground. This will make your spine flexible and stretch it to a few inches.

Pilates Roll Over:

This type of exercise is meant for stretching the spine and lengthening the upper half of your body. Not only this, it elongates and stretches the vertebrae of your neck. You just need to lie on your back and spread out your arms along sides. Gradually, join your legs, extend them, straight up and bend them in such a way that they can touch the ground. The exercise can be easily performed after daily practice.

That apart, stand straight and try to stretch your spine as much as you can, now touch your toe and repeat the same.

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