How to Get Beautiful Legs that can make you a Head-turner?

How to Get Beautiful Legs

Beautiful legs are the greatest and one of the most noticeable assets of your personality. Here are certain tips that help you obtain pretty legs and make guys go crazy.

Follow these tricks to show case the beauty of perfect legs.



Do not aim at getting thin legs. They do not look attractive. Try to get toned legs. Say no to long-distance running as this results in loss of muscle mass from the legs. Running is a catabolic exercise that breaks down the muscles of your legs. Muscles in your legs make them look toned and shapely.



Cellulite looks ugly. Too much fat deposits over legs look ugly. Cellulite looks ugly. Rubbing creams do not help much. You need to indulge in dry brushing of cellulite. Rubbing motion increases circulation to the legs and this increases flow of blood and disappearance of cellulite. But the results are temporary.

Cellulite is hereditary and you can acquire it from your mother. To eliminate cellulite from the legs, you need to take healthy diet. Learn how to reduce cellulite here.

squatting helps

Squatting Helps:

To obtain beautiful shapely legs, you need to indulge in squatting. Beautiful legs should be shapely. Deep squats are recommended for shaping your legs. Five sets of ten reps at least twice a week are fair enough.

doing deadlifts

Doing Deadlifts:

To firm up your legs, deadlifts are better than other set of exercises. This set of exercises not only firms up your legs but make them look sexy as well. You need to do 5 sets of 10 repetitions thrice a week. The results are quick and permanent.

Massage Your Legs:

Consider massaging your legs with herbal oil at least once a week. After your working hours, try to relax and massage your legs with lukewarm coconut oil. This will keep your legs well-moisturized and they would begin to glow.

How to Detox Your Legs?

Detox your legs at least once in a week.

Dissolve a pinch of Epsom salt in fairly hot water (not boiling) water and dip them in foot tub. Mix a tbsp of apple cider vinegar, rose water and a few drops of lime juice in this. Dip your legs in this mixture for 10 minutes and Pat them dry.Apply earthen clay (multani mitti) and leave it till it gets dry. Rinse off.

A FEW Dos and Don’ts:

  • Avoid standing for long hours at home or at work place. This will result in appearance of varicose veins that can ruin the beauty of your legs.
  • Protect your legs from sun. You need to use sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to prevent tanning.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as this result in your legs muscles turning muscular.
  • Pale or whiter legs do not look good. Little tanned legs always appear to be more beautiful.

Beautiful legs are the greatest attention grabber and boost your feminism. Follow the above given tips and be a head turner with pride!

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