How to Defer the Process of Aging Successfully?

Always young!

Always young!

Who does not want to stay young for a long time? But, it needs a lot of efforts and maintaining a strictly disciplined lifestyle is not a cakewalk.

So, how would you maintain your health and beauty? There are a number of easy tips to look younger. Just have a quick look at the tips that can make you look and feel younger for years and years to come.

Never Go Out Without Applying Sunscreen Lotion:

Exposure to the sun ruins your beauty like nothing else. Ultraviolet rays of the sun cause more damage than you can possibly think of. If you do not want to have sagging skin, wrinkles, discolored skin and spots before you actually grow old then make it a point to apply sunscreen lotion to all the exposed areas of your bodies before you go out.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated:

The foremost thing you need to take care of to stay young for a long time is to keep yourself properly hydrated. Take at least 8-10 glasses of water every day and keep your skin moisturized round the clock. Dry skin tends to develop folds earlier and any negligence in the skin care may cost you dear. The skin beneath your eyes would be the first place to get affected and it is this area where the signs of aging first begin to appear. Massage this area with pure almond or olive oil before you go to sleep. Keep slices of cucumber or tomatoes over your eyelids for some time.

Detox Your Bodies Frequently:

Eat fresh veggies and fruits to get rid of accumulated toxins from your bodies. This is perhaps one of the best anti-aging solutions. Keep junk foods strictly at bay once you hit 30. Boil fresh and green coriander leaves and extract its essence. Cool the juice and keep it in the refrigerator. Consume it on a daily basis to flush the toxins out of your bodies. Antioxidants keep the aging process at bay. It fights the free radicals that cause undue damage to your skin. So, make sure to have a lot of berries, apples, leafy veggies, tomatoes, carrots etc. Certain spices like black pepper, red pepper and cinnamon are also rich in antioxidants.

Exfoliate Your Skin:

Exfoliation of your skin becomes inevitable after a certain age. It removes the dead skin tissues from your skin and rejuvenate it. It is better to use a homemade scrub to get the optimum results of exfoliation.You can try using these home made scrubs:

Coffee: Do you know that coffee reduces cellulite formation? It is an excellent exfoliant. The regular usage of coffee helps in shrinking your blood vessels.
Oatmeal: If you have absolutely dry and lifeless skin, you should try this.
Almonds: Use crushed almonds and honey.
Salt: Incredible though it may sound. But, it is true that salt is a great exfoliant. It relaxes your muscles and detoxify your skin. But, do not use it if you have minor cuts and burns.

Indulge in Stretching Exercises:

Well! Obesity is the worst foe and once you begin to age, you become much more susceptible to it as your metabolic rate goes down. Cut down on fats, oils, junk food and more carbohydrates from your diet and indulge in a lot of stretching exercises that can keep the fat around the abdomen at bay.

Strictly Avoid These:

• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Caffeine
• Junk Food

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