How to Deal With Alzheimer’s Successfully?

How to Deal With Alzheimer’s Naturally?

Doctor working with an Alzheimer’s patient

If anyone in your home is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you must be aware of their plight. Dealing with the Alzheimer’s patient  is an uphill task indeed. However, there are certain natural remedies for Alzheimer’s disease that can work wonders to alleviate the problems of people coping with this health issue. Let us have a quick look at some natural Alzheimer’s remedies so that you can deal with your dear ones effectively.

What is an Alzheimer’s Disease?

In medical terms, Alzheimer’s is described as a degenerative, neurological disease which mutilates memory by deteriorating the nervous system. Hence those who suffer from the disease have a difficult time performing their day to day tasks. Normally, the disease culminates in death within 20 years after its diagnosis.

How to Deal With this Health Issue?

Though this mental deterioration is considered to be incurable, there are a number of treatment options that can alleviate the symptoms of this disease and slow down its progression. Natural Alzheimer’s remedy comprises of nutrition, lifestyle changes, health supplements and detoxifying the body.

Nutritional Remedies For the Treatment:

Although the market is deluged with a number of medicines, but for the treatment of Alzheimer’s you should concentrate more on a diet that is rich in antioxidants. Incorporate Vitamin C, E, magnesium and fatty acids in your diet. There are certain herbs like Gingko biloba and Bacopa monnieri that have been found to be effective in improving the overall function of the brain. Gotu Kala is another herb that proves to be an effective natural remedy. Vitamin E prevents the oxidative damage of the brain cells and checks the disease. Patients suffering from the disease must incorporate olives and essential oils rich in Vitamin E in their diets.

How to Take Care of the Patients?

The patients suffer from the loss of cognitive abilities so make sure that you deal with the patients with a complete care. You should try to make them socially acceptable.

  • Try sharing small responsibilities with them. You can ask them to run errands or do small household chores like watering the plants etc.
  • Try to give them your time and make them talk.
  • Make an effort to maximize their independence.
  • You should understand that they tend to forget so try making things easy for them. Instead of asking when did you have your last dinner? Ask did you like the bread roll you had in your breakfast? This is just an example. There are tons of things that can help them recall. So, communicating effectively with them.

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