How Stress is Actually Good for You?

How Stress is Actually Good for You?

Negative influences of stress are much-talked about. You battle with stress at work and in your relationship and fear that it would ruin your health. But, do you know that stress is actually good for your health and can help you feel better at times?

We have conducted a thorough study and have talked with the experts to find out the real fact. Let us see how stress is good for you.

It Boosts Your Body Defense Mechanism:

Immediate production of protective chemicals is the result of stress that lasts for a shorter duration. These chemicals work as a neurotransmitter and enhances the defense mechanism of your body. So, the short bursts of stress is good as it releases cortisol that helps alleviate pain and boosts strengthens our defense mechanism. But, if it continues for a longer period it will result in abdominal obesity (overload of cortisol hormone is responsible for it. ) Short-term stress triggers the fight or flight mechanism of your body.

It Triggers Your Creativity:

Yes! This is true. Creativity gets a definite boost with stress. If you are calm, stress-free and relaxed, you would not see and perceive things differently. Change, innovation and creativity are often and rightly related to stress. So, the moment you are feel low or abandoned just give wings to your imagination and you will end up in creating something new and wonderful.

It Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals:

When you lift weights, run, jog or indulge in cycling, these sweaty moments are the forms of stress that help you achieve your fitness goals. These all moderate exercises provide you a certain amount of stress and increase the release of endorphins in your body and gives you a feel good sensation. So, there is another good reason to be stressed for a while!

Prevents Aging Diseases Like Alzheimer’s:

There are certain short-term boosts of stress that can prevent degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Researches have revealed that people who experience moderate stress before their surgery or treatment stand a fair chance of a faster recovery than those lower levels of stress.

Can Prevent Breast Cancer:

Studies have shown that stress can prevent breast cancer as it restrains estrogen production. Not only this, expectant ladies who are stressed and have higher levels of cortisol have a better development of fetus than those with lower levels of this hormone.

In short, short bursts of stress is good as it triggers the production of useful chemicals like cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine in the body. It improves heart function, good for the brain (sharpen the senses, makes the body resistant to infection and stimulates the production of blood glucose. But, be cautious of your stress turning chronic. If it continues for a month or longer, it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, insomnia and much more. So, stress is good for you but only in a moderate amount!

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