How Stress Can Cause Infertility? How to Overcome it?

How Stress Can Cause Infertility? How to Overcome it? 1

Stress kills, they say. But, do you know that it is responsible for reproductive havoc too? These factors have been proven scientifically.


People talk about stress leading to headaches, ulcers, and weak immunity. But, do you know it can reduce your chances of conception to a great extent. Stress has a negative influence on the fertility of both male and female fertility.

Causes Libido:

One of the apparent impact of stress on your fertility is that it dampens the romance factor. It is responsible for causing libido in both the sexes. When you are filled with negative emotions, it becomes increasingly difficult to bond with your partner.

It Has Direct Impact on Reproductive Organs:

When you are stressed, you release a hormone known as cortisol that it turns affects your sex hormones negatively and the reproductive activity in your body gets hampered. Accumulation of large amounts of cortisol in your blood results in infertility and weight gain. There are many IVF centre in Mumbai which can help you test the amount of cortisol in your blood

It Results in Low Sperm Count:

Low sperm count and weakened motility of sperms and fragmented DNA all are related to stress. Not only this, but you may also fall victim to ejaculation issues that will lead to impotence. On the other hand, the stress in the fair sex lead may lead to the termination of ovulation or can hamper menstruation. Stress leads to the chemical changes and spasms in the uterus and oviduct which in turn prevent the fertilized eggs from implanting.

What Researches Have Revealed?

As per scientific research conducted by ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) has proved that talk therapy alleviates stress and enhance the chance of conception. Another research work at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) has revealed that cognitive behavioral therapy helps a lot to decrease level and increase the chance of conception.

What Should You Do?

Tune into Soothing Music:

Music soothes your nerves. This is a fact. Tune into melodious music whenever you are feeling stressed. This will help you get rid of the afflicting pain and bring the requisite respite.

Manage Your Time:

Time management is utterly important. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Never leave any pending work and don’t postpone things. Piling up of tasks can lead to stress and therefore you should try avoiding it altogether.

Massage Therapy Works:

Deep tissue massage therapy relieves you from stress. So, a trip today spa professional helps.

Shop Around:

Believe it or not, whenever you are stressed just try to spend money on yourself. Get hold of the things which please you and you would be amazed to see the difference. Shop and freak around with the people you love.

Yoga and Mediation:

You must take 30 minutes for workouts daily in the morning. Indulging in yoga and meditation fights with stress successfully. Practice deep breathing techniques and calm your mind. Do this daily for half an hour at least. Talk to yourself and inculcate positive thoughts in your mind. Always remember that there are two sides of every coin so it is better to focus on the positive aspects. If all these remedies don’t help you can consult with Ankoor Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

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