How Nervous Habit of Bitting Nails Harms Your Health? How to Check it?

How Nervous Habit of Bitting Nails Harms Your Health? How to Check it?

Nail biting is one of the nervous habits that affects children and adults alike. This destructive habit needs to be controlled and prevented because it has a bad impact on your health.

Most of the times, the person is not conscious that they are biting their nails and this terrible habit takes a turn for the worse. Fortunately, there are ways to curb this habit. Prior to finding the ways to stop this habit, let us have a quick look at how it harms your health.

It Leads to Infection:

This is one of the worst health problems that you can face. When you bite your nails, all the germs hanging on to your nails go straight to your mouth and into your bloodstream. Indeed, nail biting is an invitation to spreading the dreaded communicable diseases.

It Harms Your Teeth:

In the front of your mouth is a pair of incisors and this is meant for tearing not for sustained chewing. Keratin of your nails is the hardest substances of your body and when you start biting your nails with your teeth it leads to a serious damage.

It Causes Stomach Issues:

When you follow this nervous habit of chewing your nails, you end up swallowing them. Do you know how harmful it is to your health. They are like tiny razors and can tear your stomach lining and lead to several infections and sometimes internal bleeding.

How Can You Curb this Nervous Habit:

Nervousness is one of the major causes why people bite their nails. There are other causes as well. Some people bite nails just because they feel bored or over-stressed.


This is considered to be a long-term solution to the nail biting issue. It is the most effective treatments and can give permanent results. In this method, the subconscious mind of the person is tapped and then the therapist analyze the root cause of the problem and get it altered.


There is a wide range of cosmetics available in the market. Females can go for nail paints and males can go for oils and creams. When these cosmetics are applied on nails you are prevented from biting them because as soon as these cosmetics come in contact with saliva they begin to taste bitter. These anti-nail biting cosmetics are available in the stores or can be ordered online.

Natural Remedies:

There are certain natural remedies too, that are inexpensive and effective. Using these natural remedies, you can stop this nervous habit.

  • Apply aloe Vera juice over your nails to deter the nail biting habit. The juice tastes awful.
  • You can also consider applying hot sauce or chili paste over your nails to check the habit.

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