How Can You Prevent Midday Drowsiness Effectively?

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As soon as the clock strikes 11 in the morning you begin to yawn? Whether you are at your office or home, you just cannot help feeling drowsy at midday.

Trash all your worries if the same is happening to you as excessive daytime sleepiness can be curbed.

Excessive Day Time Drowsiness: What is the Cause Behind it?

Though the general belief that midday drowsiness is directly related to sleepless nights is true. But, this is not the only reason. Normally, if you do not take heavy meals, are not stressed, do not take alcohol, etc. you tend to have sound sleep at night. If you do not indulge in exercises and have erratic dietary patterns you are likely to be drowsy at the midday.

What Should You Do?


A human adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep. Do away with any addiction before going to sleep. You should take at least 8 hours of unhampered sleep daily. Not only this, you need to indulge in at least 30 minutes of workouts daily or 5 days a week. You can go for a brisk walk, or for cardiovascular exercises. Yoga is another good option to keep yourself fit.


You need to reduce your stress levels and take adequate amount of sleep at night. So, when you decide to sleep, you should switch off your phones and social networking sites when you decide to sleep. Also, you should avoid working incessantly. You should try to be happy and stress free to get a sound sleep at night.

What Should You Not do?

You should take dinner two hours before you go to sleep. Strictly avoid consuming nicotine, alcohol and caffeine before sleeping. Apart from this, take a balanced and healthy diet to curb excessive daytime sleepiness.

Try having a glassful of lukewarm milk when you go to bed.

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