Home Remedies That Relieve Stomach Ache Instantly

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Your stomach has to bear up with enough through the day. If you are on erratic diet, skip your meals or do not have them at the right time, there is no wonder you suffer from stomach ache every now and then.

Let us explore what causes this pain and a few effective home remedies that give you sure shot respite.

What Causes Stomach Ache?

There can be a number of reasons sometimes it may be menstrual cramps.  Your stomach lining gets damaged when it deals with stomach acids. When gas begins to form excessively it dilates the liver or the internal lining of the stomach. This unnatural dilation causes pain in the stomach. But, there can be certain serious issues like kidney stones, hernia and ulcer so a persistent stomach pain should not be ignored. Neither acute pain in the stomach should be treated at home. If you suffer from constant stomach aches you should go for a proper diagnosis.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

  • To get instant relief, drink peppermint tea mixed with fennel (saunf). This improves the blood circulation and regulates the formation of gas.


  • Pluck a few basil leaves with three tablespoonfuls of curd and mix it properly. Mix a pinch of salt and black pepper to it. Take this mixture to soothe the stomach lining if stomach aches have become more of a routine for you.


  • Applying ginger juice work wonders. Grind ginger to make its paste and apply this paste all over your belly. Massage this paste and make sure that its juice goes inside your stomach. Try this remedy when your children or you yourself suffer from the aches.


  • Take a teaspoon of ginger juice and mix it with at least two teaspoons of lemon juice. Drinking this mixture will bring instant relief.


  • Mix asafetida (hing) with water and warm it. Apply this mixture around the naval. This will give you a sure shot respite.


  • Make a paste by crushing a few tamarind leaves and 1 gram of rock salt to it. When the mixture turns liquid partially, consume it.


  • Take a tablespoonful of Oregano (ajwain) with lukewarm water. Better still, if you have planted it in your back yard, pluck its leaves and chew it.


  • Consume garlic and ginger in their raw forms to get a healthy digestive track.



  • Do not fill your stomach up to the brim. Take smaller meals.
  • Do not go to bed right after your meals.
  • Stop taking alcoholic beverages and milk tea often.
  • Don’t eat in haste, chew your food thoroughly and take small morsels.



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