Home Remedies That Eliminate Cellulite Forever

Home Remedies That Eliminate Cellulite Forever

You hate those bulging tummy and sagging thighs. Seeing yourself in the mirror brings down your confidence and wearing a trendy outfit is just a dream for you. No more! If cellulite (fat deposits in specific areas) is your foe and you want to get rid of it forever, try these home remedies for cellulite.

You would be amazed at the result you get and wearing the body hugging trendy outfits in vogue would be a reality for you.

What is Cellulite? Why Fat Gets Deposited in Specific Areas?

Every day your body gets bombarded with toxins. You are unaware of it. The refined sugars you take, junk foods you gobble down, pollutants and chemicals you come across are all wreaking havoc on your body. Every day you should try to flush these toxins out of your body. The term cellulite was coined in Europe for the fat stored in the fibrous connective tissue.

Just imagine in a honeycomb filled with honey, when there is extra honey in a panel it swells and bulges out. Something similar happens when the fat begins to deposit in your body tissues due to the overexposure of your body to toxins. This fat is same similar to the facial fat. Though cellulite gets deposited elsewhere also but in thighs and abdomen there lymphatic drainage, connective tissue and fat are intertwined in such way that maximum fat gets deposited here.

Home Remedies for Cellulite Reduction:

Many people think that what does flushing out toxins from the body has to do with cellulite reduction. The body starts storing toxins in the form of fat so that your body accumulates the minimum toxins. The pockets of cellulite are filled with toxins. So, the barest minimum toxins you have in your body, the barest minimum cellulite you will have.

Tomato Paste Works Wonder:

Being extremely rich in lycopene, tomatoes can be one of the best home remedies for cellulite. It prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin and hence checks the aging process also. Applying the paste of cellulite over the affected areas and incorporating tomatoes in daily diet helps reduce cellulite to a great extent.

Dry Brushing and Massaging With Coconut Oil:


Dry skin brushing helps a lot. If done correctly. Start brushing from the lymph node areas like the groin and armpits and move to the outer areas. Buttocks should also be dry brushed. It helps in breaking down the toxins and tightens the epidermis. Massaging the cellulite affected areas with lukewarm coconut oil (it gets absorbed better) helps a lot. Let the pure extra virgin oil gets absorbed for 30 minutes. Take a shower from warm water.

Indulge in Aerobic Activities 3-4 Times a Week (Improved Blood Flow Reduces Cellulite):

Cleaning up your diet is one wonderful way to eliminate cellulite. But, you need to be active as well. You should try performing aerobic activities at least 3-4 times a week. Try doing different exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are helpful in particular. When blood flow gets improved, you will lose cellulite build up.

This you tube video will help:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8_RIcoivq8

Consume Fruits High in Water Content (Watermelons and Cucumbers):

Keeping your body well hydrated is what really matters. You should try consuming fruits that have high water content coconut, watermelons and cucumbers to name a few. Drinking ample amount of water also reduces cellulite to a great extent. The more water you drink, the better will be the results.

Stop Taking Coffee and Tea:

What beverages you take when you feel tired. If you coffee and tea are your favorites, then forget about reducing cellulite. These beverages dehydrate your bodies turning the situation worse. Also, smoking and liquor are the two worst things for cellulite.

Green Tea is a Real Help:


This tea speeds up your body metabolism. It burns the fat deposits and stops the production of fat absorbing enzymes. Catechins that are found in the green tea are helpful in reducing insulin resistance. Drinking at least 3 cups of green tea a day can help you burn as much as 100 calories a day. Start and end your day with green tea and prefer having it after meals.

Consuming Ginger, Mint and Lemon Mixture:


This works like a magic wand. Consume a mixture of ginger, mint and lemon twice a day. Both lemon and mint are full of antioxidants and adding lemon to the mixture makes it a more effective cellulite burner. Drink this twice a day to detoxify your body. You can consider adding cucumber slices as well.

Get the Body You Desire!


There are certain simple rules, apart from the above given home remedies for cellulite that work wonders. The better your lifestyle, the better will be the results. Instead of having 3 big meals a day, have 4 small meals and incorporate more raw fruits and veggies in your diet. Green coffee beans and gingko biloba are really helpful. Try to strengthen your cellulite affected areas with strength training. This will help you further: http://secretsinhealth.com/how-to-flush-the-toxins-out-from-bodies-naturally/

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