Health Hazards of Sitting for Long Hours

Health Hazards of Sitting for Long HoursSitting for hours glued to the computer screens is a job compulsion. Most of the people cannot help sitting for a prolonged time as the nature of their work demands so. But then, these people should be aware of the health hazards of sitting for extended periods. Given here are a few health risks that you are susceptible to when you sit for long hours.

Cardiovascular Ailments:

When you will have no mobility for an extended time, you will lose no energy and when no calories are burnt, fat tends accumulate in your heart. This causes blockage of arteries & veins and hence blood circulation is hampered. So, if you are sitting for a prolonged period, be ready to suffer from the health issues like high blood pressure, heart strokes and a number of other cardiovascular diseases.

Strained Spine or Swayback:

Swayback is a health condition caused by excessive stretching forward of the spinal cord. If you are not in the habit of sitting straight or simply slumps, then you are sure to suffer from a strained spine. To prevent this utterly painful condition which you may likely to suffer with, you need to sit on a chair with the back and the legs at 90 degrees.

Swollen Ankles and Blood Clots:

Sitting for hours means a sluggish blood circulation to the legs. So, if you sit for hours, your body fluids tend to accumulate in the legs, which results in the formation of blood clots and swollen ankles. So, to avoid this health condition your feet should touch the floor while sitting. This helps in reducing the stain on the spinal cord and circulation of the blood is enhanced.


One of the most common health issues which you are likely to fall victim to is obesity. This is so because no energy gets burnt due to your idle position fat gets accumulated around the stomach and thighs. To avoid this health issue, you should avoid eating snacks and keep on drinking water at regular intervals.

To reduce the risks of prolonged sitting you need to walk around your office for at least 5 minutes in every 2-3 hours. This will ensure a proper flow to all the parts of your body and movements also stimulate the formation of antioxidants that flushes out toxins from your body. Also, it will make you more efficient because when more blood flows into your brain, it will perform better.

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