How Eggs Benefit Your Health and Beauty? Some Facts That You Do Not Know

How Eggs Benefit Your Health and Beauty? Some Facts That You Do Not Know

Most inexpensive, easily available, delicious and full of nutrition, no wonder why eggs are a favorite choice for breakfast. They are also low in calories and considered one of the best food items for the weight loss. Do you wonder what is the nutritive value of eggs?

Folate, selenium, riboflavin, Vitamin B-12 and A, eggs contain all this apart from being one of the richest source of proteins.

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationIncrease of Coronary Heart Disease With Eggs: Is it So?

There are many who see eggs with an apprehensive eye and believe that higher amount of cholesterol found in the yellow part (egg yolk) may lead to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) because of the amount of cholesterol  found in the egg yolk. However, researches have failed to prove any relation between the yolk consumption and the progression of coronary heart disease. Indeed, the major nutritive value of eggs is contained in its yolk part.

© Copyright 2007 Corbis CorporationHow Eggs Help in Weight Training?

Eggs have a high food value and the best match of what our muscles need. Therefore, eggs are recommended for those who want to build their bodies successfully. Eggs slow down the breakdown of the muscles so it is the recommended diet after the post work outs. The best eggs are those who are the organic eggs that are obtained from the hens that are fed only on the certified organic feed and not on synthetic feed.

During and immediately after the workouts, proteins of the eggs break down and the natural process of building proteins by our body slows down. It is then you need to consume the eggs to cope up the challenges of strength training.

© Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationDo You Throw the Egg Yolk Away?

If you avoid eating egg yolks because of the fear of cholesterol and fats then you are not getting even half of the egg’s nutrition. Actually, it is the yolk or yellow part of the egg that contains the major portion of nutrition. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, choline, selenium, Omega 3’s, calcium folate etc. all are contained in the eggs. Apart from this, the saturated fat in yolks helps in the production of hormones and let your body absorb essential minerals and Vitamins.

What Does a Full One Egg Contain?

A full one egg contains 70 calories.

Fat: 5 grams

Cholesterol: 195 milligrams

Proteins: 6 grams

Sodium : 65 milligrams

Carbohydrate: 6-7 grams

Protein: 6 grams


The main ingredient of the egg carries oxygen to the cells, prevent anemia and gets easily absorbed.

Vitamin A:

For maintaining healthy eyes and skin. The main function of this Vitamin is to assist you in the night vision.

Vitamin D:

Eggs are the richest source of Vitamin D. It helps in strengthening bones and teeth and prevent various types of cancers and autoimmune  diseases.

Vitamin E:

This helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin. It also slows down the process of aging.

Vitamin B12:

Helps in maintaining healthy cells and tissues and prevents a large number of diseases.


Aids the building and maintaining of new cells. Prevents anemia and protects several types of birth defects.


This works along with Vitamin E and prevents the breakdown of body cells.


Is important for proper functioning of neurons and for healthy growth of brain cells.


Most important of all. It is essential for building, repairing organs, skin, hair and body tissues. The best thing about egg protein is that it gets easily absorbed by the human body. The second most important ingredient contained in the egg is Omega 3 fats, which are not manufactured naturally in our bodies and they are excellent for the upkeep of your heart.

eggsBeauty Benefits of Eggs:

Apart from having a high nutritive value, eggs are considered to be a boon for your beauty. Eggs are the best nourishment for your skin and hair. Let us see how eggs can help enhance your beauty in three wonderful ways:

For Wonderful-looking Silky Soft Hair:

Prepare a hair mask using egg white, honey and rose water. Massage your hair, scalp with this mixture. Leave it till it gets dried and rinse off. Follow this hair care regime for a month and you will get a silky, soft hair.

For Toning Your Skin:

For firming up your skin pores, prepare a mask using egg white and honey. Apply it all over your face and exposed areas. Wash off once it gets dry. This will tighten your skin pores, moisturize and nourish your skin.

For Under eye Puffiness:

To do away with the tired and puffy eyes, just apply egg white around the affected areas and rinse off after 10 minutes. This will nourish the area and reduce the puffiness.

Is There Any Harm in Eating Eggs?

Sometimes people avoid eating eggs because of the health concerns. They link eggs with the dietary cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart diseases. Some fear that they contain low density lipoprotein which is known as LDL and therefore it enhances the risk of heart disease. Eggs contain dietary cholesterol, but yes studies have shown that one egg a day can be consumed without the increase of any heart disease.

Important to Note:

Eat eggs for proteins, choline, omega 3’s and Lutein. Eat eggs for weight loss, for building muscles successfully and for healthy bones and teeth. The high nutritive value of eggs is universally accepted. They are a boon to your health and beauty.  But, just keep in mind that you would be benefited only by eating organic eggs. Synthetic eggs are laden with toxins and hence the yellow part of the synthetic eggs result in toxin build up in your body. 

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