Ghee: A Health Hazard? No Ways…Unknown Benefits of Ghee Unleashed!

Ghee: A Health Hazard? No Ways…Unknown Benefits of Ghee Unleashed!

You think twice before touching it. Bad cholesterol, obesity and saturated fat many things creep into your mind. Still, the health benefits of the modest ghee are hard to overlook.

Prior to discussing the unknown benefits of ghee, let us see what exactly it is and for whom it is strongly recommended.

What Actually is Ghee?

The English Speaking nations known it as “Clarified Butter.” You can say that it is an unsalted butter, which is simmered on a low flame for long. Doing so, removes all its impurities. Depending on the method of its preparation, flavors, colors and textures of the ghee vary. Though it is used all across the globe, but it is a major constituent of South Asian foods.

It gets oxidized and begins to smell awful. Therefore, it is advised to store ghee in an airtight container away from any kind of moisture.

Important to Note:

As ghee lacks hydrogenated oils, it is recommended for those who are on low fat diet. Normally, cooking with ghee is healthier than cooking in refined vegetable oils. Moreover, the ghee is recommended for all those who are intolerant to the lactose as milk protein called casein is removed during the process of its preparation.

Health benefits of Ghee that you do not know:

Do you know that there are plenty of short chain fatty acids in ghee that can be easily assimilated into our bodies? Apart from that, it has Vitamin A, D, E, K and linoleic acid that is similar to anti-oxidants. It makes you feel better and healthier. Let us explore further:


Unlike other cooking oils, it does not contain any harmful free radicals. This is so because the damaging fats are eliminated in the process of simmering when it is formed. The milk protein called casein is also removed and hence it is fantastic for the people with lactose intolerance.


As already mentioned, ghee is rich in antioxidants and various other Vitamins, it is recommended by the doctors for the patients with weak immunity. Not only this, regular consumption of ghee inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. As it is rich in Vitamin A it is good for vision. It promotes the excretion of cholesterol, bile acids and several other harmful chemicals from our body like uronic acid and phospholipids.


Ghee stimulates the secretion of acids and hence it is said to be good for digestion. All those who suffer from constipation and ulcers should consume ghee on a regular basis to get a sure shot respite. Studies have shown that it cures haemorrhoids also and detoxifies your bodies.


Applying ghee on burns, cuts and blisters have a soothing effect as it is believed to have antibiotic properties. It is a good antiseptic also and has a lot of preservation properties as well. It helps in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients of the food and hence cooking with ghee is preferable.


Doctors recommend ghee for the patients of memory loss. Those who have a difficult time focusing and memorizing should consume ghee. It increases brain power, improves your sex drive and helps you sleep better.


In short, this sweet tasting, easy to prepare food is good for your overall health. It is rich in both saturated as well as unsaturated fats. It has anti-cancerous and anti-bacterial properties. However, there are certain people who are apprehensive about the goodness of ghee. Those who have high cholesterol levels should better consult their doctors before consuming it because there are contradictory opinions. There are certain people who believe that it is high in saturated fats and there are yet others that say it enhances the level of good cholesterol or HDL and helps controlling bad cholesterol or HDL. Heart patients should better consult their doctors prior to consuming it.

So, despite having a plenty of properties that are beneficial to health, ghee is generally not recommended for the patients with high cholesterol levels.


Do not try substituting margarine for ghee as the former contains trans fats that damage the arterial walls and damages your heart.

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