Explore the Benefits of Yoga That You Are Unaware of

Explore the Benefits of Yoga That You Are Unaware of

Hectic schedule destroys your fitness regime. Right? Despite understanding the importance of workouts, if you do not find enough time to indulge in them, make sure that you practice yoga during your weekends. Some people think that yoga is just about calming down nerves and others think that yoga is for weight loss only.

However, there is much more to it. It improves your immunity, improves your overall energy levels and gives you a better posture.

Yoga for Weight Loss (For Those Who Have Tried Everything and Failed):

There are several disheartened people who try every diet and every set of exercises to slim but fail. These people must try yoga for weight loss to get sure shot results. Researches have revealed that yoga is a great for those who want to make their weight loss program a success. Yoga asnas (poses), its breathing methods and meditation are able to burn even the most stubborn fat. More Calories are burned if you indulge in vigorous yoga classes. When you practice Yoga regularly, you will become aware of your bodies and know how much to eat.

Increases Your Sexual Performance:

Studies have shown that people who indulge in Yoga have better sex lives.They are able to perm better, have improved sexual urge, have better orgasms and are more confident. This holds good for both the genders. This happens because yoga improves blood circulation into the genitals which causes better erections and arousals. Not only this, the mind control and the breathing techniques involved in yoga asanas boosts your sexuality. So, indulge in yoga to tone your pelvic muscles and enjoy better orgasms.

Improves Your Sleep Quality:

Those who are suffering from insomnia must try indulging in Yoga. Studies have shown that twice-weekly sessions of yoga have helped the patients of anxiety and restlessness sleep better. If your head cannot stopĀ  spinning and you are not feeling relaxed, you must practice yoga. Diaphragm breathing restores your body from the tensions which in turn makes you sleep better. So, practice yoga to calm down your nerves and sleep better.

Yoga for Reducing Stress, Preventing Heart Diseases and Diabetes:

You are stressed, worked out and totally exhausted. Try Yoga to bring down your stress levels. When you are stressed, cortisol hormone goes up and you continue to be stressed. Not only this, rise in cortisol levels in your blood results in calories converting into fat, which in turn stimulates your hunger pangs. The people who are stressed tend to gain weight around the abdomen. Also, once you are resistant to insulin you will have big bellies. You are likely to suffer from heart ailments and diabetes. Yoga keeps you disease free because it keeps cortisol levels under control, hence you are able to combat stress effectively and remain healthy. Hence yoga improves your overall health.

Makes You Aware of Your Bodies:

Yoga is just wonderful because it provides you a unique ability to sense what is going inside your bodies. You would be able to make out whether your stomach is full or not which makes you eat just the right amount that your body needs. Once you indulge in Yoga you will be aware of your emotions and your body will tell you that you need not act according to them always. It brings inner peace, calms your nerves and makes you wiser. In other words, people who indulge in Yoga are able to control their cravings for food as they know when their body needs food.

Better Body Flexibility:

Practicing Yoga regularly tones up your muscles and make your body strong, flexible and supple. There are several stretches involved in the Yoga that tones up your body muscles and makes you stronger. Not only this, Yoga also improves your body posture and make you look more confident. It relieves your body pain which is due to your incorrect posture. Hence people who have a lot of desk work and suffer from back pain must indulge in Yoga.

Great Way to Control Frequent Attack of Migraines:

Studies have revealed that migraine sufferers indulging in Yoga are able to ease their pain. Though the exact causes of migraines are not known, but it is due to the mental stress and physical misalignment. It may be due to hunching over cell phones with your shoulders up and your head forward. When you indulge in yoga these muscle imbalances that cause headaches get rectified as the result of which you do not suffer from migraine.

Improve Your Energy Levels:

If you often have the feeling of being drained out often because you indulge in multiple tasks, you need to practice Yoga regularly. Even after a long and tiring day, if you can manage to take 15-20 minutes of Yoga, you will be pleasantly surprised about the improved energy that your body gains. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Improve Your Intuition Power:

Both meditation and Yoga have this ability. They improve your intuitive abilities and you would realize what and how much you need to do to get the kind of results you want. It is a continuous process. If you are indulging in this regularly, you will surprised to explore a better and confident you.

It Improves Your Communication Power:

Incredible though it may sound. But, yes, it is true that Yoga improves your communicating abilities. This happens so because it calms and soothes your mind as the result of which you are able to keep stress and confusion at bay. This affects your mental power, energizes your brain and make you a good orator. This is one of the benefits of Yoga that everyone is unaware of.

In short, Yoga improves your overall health. So, if you are under the impression that Yoga is for weight loss or just for relieving you from stress, you are grossly mistaken. There is much more to it. Whatever your age may be, if you want to keep yourself hail and hearty, you need to take time out for practicing Yoga on a regular basis. Stop listening to every bit of weight loss advice that come across your way and try Yoga to get lasting results. Listen to your body and improve its overall functioning. Boost your immunity levels, improve your sexual lives, delay the aging process and be stress free.

Wish you all a very Happy International Yoga Day! Stay healthy, stay happy.

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